Draggin’ My Feet

Disclaimer: Gingersneezes isn’t about whining and complaining but I do feel like I need to be honest, and it is only fair to share a nice rainbow of my experiences in exercise with you. So that means the good, the bad, the grumpy and the happy.

Yesterday was one of those work days were you just can’t wait for it to end. It seemed like all the little things managed to make their way under my skin yesterday and by the end of the day I was pretty much ready to explode.  My natural instinct when faced with these types of days is to  go home and hide under my duvet and only emerging for sips of wine.

Unfortunately or rather luckily (it didn’t feel lucky at the time) my regular hide from the world technique wasn’t one I could use. It was Wednesday which meant I had a training session with Alannah and besides the fact that I have to drive there I am sure she would have frowned upon me showing up slightly intoxicated, and I mean it would have been an all around bad idea.

After about thirty minutes of complaining in the form of texting to my Running Buddy for some motivation I sucked it up and begrudgingly got into my workout clothing, laced up my shoes and waited for my husband to come home with the car. I mean I knew that the work out would make me feel better. I knew that I had made a commitment to myself and to Alannah (mainly to show up and not leave her hanging), but I so didn’t feel like doing it. I mean seriously look how grouchy I looked.
UntitledOnce I got to Epic I hopped on the stationary bike for 5 minutes hoping it would curb my attitude and warm me up at the same time. Although it got my heart pumping a bit I still had that “I so don’t want to be doing this right now” feeling screaming at me from the back of my head.  It was at this moment when Alannah went for the agility ladder.  I have mentioned how awful I am at this, and although I have gotten better I still think it is pretty comical to watch me attempt any form of agility.  So about 2 minutes into the agility ladder drills exercise magic started to happen. I was focused on something besides my mood, mainly not tripping over my own feet, and my body and mind started to accept the fact that it was about to be put through the ringer.

Our session then continued with some pretty rad arm stuff, which I have found I am starting to get excited to do because I always find out I am stronger than I had originally thought. Then out of nowhere the session was over.  It was almost shocking how something I had been so resistant to for the first part of the evening, finished so quickly and as predicted made me feel so much better.

So the takeaway…if I hadn’t had the support if my Running  Exercise Buddy and the commitment of meeting Alannah at the gym that wine bottle and hiding under my blankets could have most definitely won the battle. Through this experience I had the opportunity to discover how important having a support system really is during this journey and I am so grateful for the one I have.

How do you stay motivated? Do you have a workout partner?

Happy Thursday everyone! Hope you are getting excited for the weekend.


2 thoughts on “Draggin’ My Feet

  1. Oh man do you look grouchy. Where have I seen that look before? Good for you going to the workout when every thing said stay home. I am the same way I have to push myself to get out and do things that I know will make me feel better. I often tell people at the gym that showing up at the gym is my workout anything that I may do there is a bonus and of course I always feel better on the way out than when I walked in. Awesome blog, maybe give us some tips on how to do some of the excercises that you are doing so we can look at them and day dream about how much better we would feel if we did them.

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