Had My Posterior Handed to Me

Yesterday marked my first day of conditioning with my trainer at Epic fitness. I had mentioned earlier that I was excited and terrified about entering this phase, and as it turns out I had every right to be freaked out. The workout was intense like I had expected but seriously talk about crazy!

So as it had been explained to me the workout would be divided into three workouts made up of three moves (a triad of sorts) incorporating pushing, pulling and level changes. Although, it was exactly what was promised I still had no idea exactly how challenging it would be. For the most part the moves were things we had practiced before to make sure I had good form with a sprinkling of new moves. The new moves were welcomed; it was kind of nice to mix things up a bit. The workout was filled with squats, lunges, arms, and abs. The abs stuff was probably by far the most challenging, I understand that I by no means have abs of steal but I imagine all people have limitations. I mean you can only do so many leg lifts before your stomach muscles feel like they are trying to escape your body.
Leg_RaisesBesides total muscle fatigue, by the end of the session I felt like a total tank pushing out reps and going to what is currently my edge. Don’t get me wrong there were a couple of times during the session that I felt like throwing in the towel in exchange for an extra minute or two of rest, but I am happy I had Alannah there to keep me pushing. I also experienced some thoughts like “that timer better seriously be counting these seconds” but mostly it felt great, exhausting but great to know that I can push my body to those limits.

So now I wait for my muscles to start aching (it is a midday type of thing for me) and I get to be proud that day one of conditioning is over. I have a feeling it won’t be getting easier from here on out, but that is okay with me…for now at least.

How did you get your sweat on yesterday?

Have a great Tuesday!


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