In November 2013 I became a registered Vinyasa and Self Awakening Yoga (S.A.Y.) instructor.  I attended the Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica to obtain my 200hour yoga certification.

Once I came back to Ottawa I got to work right away working on developing a fun Vinyasa style all-levels class that I could share with my community.
20140217-211514.jpgIt is my experience that too many people are too intimidated by the idea of meditation, chanting and the idea of needing to be ridiculously flexible in order to try out or enjoy a yoga class.  So I have worked at developing a Rock n’ Roll yoga class that allows new and seasoned students to come and enjoy a class without some of the preconceived notions of what Yoga is all about.

I approach each class with excitement, enthusiasm and the desire to share my knowledge with my community.   If Rock n’ Roll Yoga sounds like something you could get behind join my Facebook group for information on where I am teaching, when I am teaching and what you need to bring.

Here is a Calendar for the month of March to let you know when and where I am teaching.

June Calendar

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