Summer Time!

This summer seems like it is really trying to wrap itself up. I am definitely not ready for the warm weather and sun to be over though so hopefully time starts to slow down a little bit, so I can add in some more relaxing and outdoor time.   In the mean time this summer has been a super exciting one for me. I have wrapped up a handful of challenges and started new ones.

My goal this summer was to start getting myself out there and working a bit more to achieving my goals of teaching yoga in an established yoga studio.  I have been class time from a local studio since I received my yoga teacher certification but there is something comforting and encouraging about having the opportunity to be apart of a yoga studio and the yoga community in your hometown.

I am proud to say that this past month has brought with it many successes, one of which is having the opportunity to sub at a studio in our Byward Market here in Ottawa and another one happened this morning.  I had the opportunity today to be on a live news broadcast to tell everyone who was awake and tuned in this morning about my Rock n’ Roll yoga class.   It is something that I came up with before even heading off to Costa Rica for YTT and I am so happy I have the opportunity to share what it is all about with people through a new medium.


A huge thank you to CTV Morning News Live and to Studio X Ottawa for giving me this fantastic opportunity to talk about something I love, and love to share with others. If you want to see the whole little segment click on the link (News Clip)

I also have one more surprise, but I am waiting for it to be announced officially before I share it with everyone here on my blog.  So stay tuned to find out what my other big adventure/opportunity is!

blissI am so excited and feeling so blessed and lucky for all these positive and awesome things that are seemingly happening all at once. Thank you for all the support from you my readers and from my friends and family.

Hope you are all having a glorious Tuesday!



Weekend Round up

This weekend was tons of fun. My husband’s birthday is coming up so the two of us took some time to celebrate his upcoming birthday together. Friday night we went on a long walk to run some errands and then realized we were super close to the ice sculptures that are out for Winterlude and decided to take a second and go check it out.

20140216-171242.jpgAfter checking out all of the ice sculptures we ran the rest of our errands and headed home. The weather was fantastic, the roads a little sloppy but mostly it was perfect for a nice long evening walk.

Once we headed home I did my usual putting around the internet (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram..etc.) and I came across a gem.  This picture (below) was taken our first day in Costa Rica.  The four of us not only had no idea who each other where we definitely didn’t know who the police officers were and taking a group picture was a little awkward.  It was so funny that our driver was so encouraging about taking our photo together, I am sure the four of us were all thinking the same thing but at the end of training we were all happy to have an extra picture of everyone together.

20140216-171302.jpgThese last few weeks of winter are really dragging on me, I am almost about ready to give my right arm to go back to Costa Rica, I could learn how to do yoga without it. It is funny the things you start missing, recently I have been missing getting up at 5am every day and making my bed. There was something so simple and meditative about making my bed, tucking in my sheets and getting ready for the day.  But enough about the warmer times, for now it is still winter here in Ottawa, hopefully it will break soon.

Saturday I got the added treat of not having to set an alarm clock because I wasn’t training a client in the morning. So I got to have a nice slow morning, make some tea, read my yoga magazines and just mellow out before running some errands for myself, you know once all the stores opened.  Even without an alarm clock it is pretty rare for me to sleep past 8am so I always waiting for the stores to open, heck half the time I am waiting for my gym to open.

After running my errands it was back home to start getting ready for my afternoon Rock N’ Roll yoga class.  This Saturday was a bit of a treat because my husband decided to join and come to class with me.  I had a nice turn out and I began letting my students know that come March 1st I will be moving to a new studio.

I recently found a beautiful new dance studio in Ottawa that rents out its rooms for things like yoga, various other fitness classes (boot camp, martial arts, etc.). Seeing how I had already been to see several of these rental spaces in Ottawa I didn’t have super high hopes, but when I walked into this studio I had to pick my jaw up off the floor.  It was so beautiful and peaceful inside I was ready to sign on any doted line then and there.

20140216-171331.jpgNow that I have found a new home for Rock N’ Roll yoga I couldn’t be more excited to teach my first class March 1st. Besides the space being beautiful, clean, the owner/manager being amazing, I am also excited to be able to offer my yoga students hassle free parking in the form of a parking lot!

All in all the weekend was great and definitely too short.  Some of my Ontario readers have the day off for Family day so I hope you have an amazing day with your family or friends or solo if that is how you are choosing to use your day.

Happy Family day Monday folks.

Weekend Recap and Star Wars

So this past weekend was the first weekend in quite some time that my husband and I weren’t traveling somewhere and boy was I excited to do that. It has been great going around visiting and having some time out of town but it was definitely nice to just take a break from all the driving and catch up on some house work and visits with friends in town.

star wars 1 Collage

A couple months ago the Museum of Aviation started the Star Wars exhibit. It is an exhibit that started in Montreal and has been touring around using the topic of Star Wars to dive into how individual identities are made, and I have got to say it was way more interesting than I could have imagined. I am not all that “nerdy” of a person in general (at least I like to think I am super cool) but when it comes to Star Wars I nerd right out, need I remind everyone of my wedding cake toppers.

star wars 2 Collage

star wars 3 Collage

So the exhibit was great, and I strongly recommend it to anyone in the Ottawa area or if it comes your way. They really thought of everything and made it interactive by getting each visitor to make their own Star Wars identity and then emailing you a run down of your character once you had completed the exhibit. It was a lot of fun and made going home and watching some Star Wars even more exciting.

star wars 4 Collage

To finish off the weekend I was up early on Sunday to meet up with my girlfriend and head over to the Farmers Market as is our Sunday ritual. Right now the market is just bursting with all sorts of food, it is so great seeing how I basically don’t need to go to the grocery store and I can buy all of my produce, meats and dairy from the farmers themselves and it just feels so great.


I hope you all had great weekends and happy Monday!

Fun Filled Day

There are so many fun things happening today I am not even sure where to start. I guess I will start with the weather as that seems like a very Canadian thing to do, especially this time of the year. I know I am fooling myself by thinking that it is almost spring, but it is just so beautiful out today, and by beautiful I mean only a couple degrees below zero. This weather has inspired Susan and I to hit the pavement instead of running on the gym’s human hamster wheels. I couldn’t be more excited to get some fresh air and start running on the ground again. I am also pretty excited to get my first outdoor run out of the way, it is generally the most challenging and often times discouraging. Seeing how the ground beneath me isn’t moving on its own I always find that I don’t end up running as fast and I have to exert so much more energy to get anything done, treadmills are tricky like that. But besides the run possibly being a bit more challenging I am still extra excited to be doing my cardio outside today and not getting frostbite while doing it.
Today is also the Mala Gala which is being put on by our downtown Lululemon. It is in the Ottawa convention center and is just a free hour of yoga for all those who are interested. I am excited because I haven’t really been in the convention center since it has been rebuilt so it will be nice to have a look inside. The yoga practice is being held in their ball room with a wall (or ball?) of windows, which means we should have a beautiful view of the Canal and the Parliament buildings. I will be sure to bring a camera so I can capture some shots of the view for everyone. I think they are expecting a few hundred people so it should be a nice energy filled practice.

With so much to look forward to it is difficult to be in a bad mood today, and like I had promised I have finally taken the time to beautify the core workout I recently created. It was a great workout to add to the end of my cardio day seeing how it only take 10-15minutes, but by the end yours abs definitely make an appearance to say hello. Depending on your fitness level you can definitely up the amount of time in plank position to 1 minute instead of 20 seconds and for added weight and resistance you could add a medicine ball to the toe touches.

ab workout

If you aren’t familiar with hip dips they are done in low plank by lowering your hips from one side to the other, it really works your core and you will definitely feel it. Another you may not be familiar with are the Crazy Ivan’s, please click on the link for a visual description of how to perform this one. I recommend doing one side then moving on to the second side.

I am currently working on a legs and glute workout which will be super helpful for anyone who is planning on joining our Gingersneezes Run Club. Building up leg and glute strength is a great way to prevent injuries while running, so I hope to have that to you in the next week or so.

That’s it for now, I hope that everyone is having a great Tuesday and that you are able to get outside for a run too.

Do you add mini strength workouts to your cardio days?
Are there any strength workouts you would be interested in seeing?

Spring has Sprung…Well Almost…Maybe?

No spring hasn’t sprung, and with the looks of things outside you wouldn’t even know it is just around the corner, March 20th to be exact. With spring around the corner it is time to start thinking about outdoor workouts and so is Gingersneezes!

I hope everyone is as excited as I am over here to finally get back outside to warmer weather running and breathing in fresh air as opposed to recycled gym air. With all of this excitement in mind I figured now was a great time to put out a call out to any and all who are interested in joining in a running group. I am thinking that we would make it a beginners run group. If there is additional interest for more experienced runners to join a running group I can always look into adding in an intermediate run day.
UntitledIf you are interested in joining a running group please email me answers to the following questions:

  1. What day of the week works best for you?
  2. What time of day works best for you?
  3. What is your current fitness level? Are you able to run for more than 10minutes consecutively?
  4. What would you like to get out of this group? Remember it is for you and I want to make it as fun as possible.

So if you are in the Ottawa area and are interested in making some new friends, getting back in shape, or finding some people to help give you that extra push to meet your goals please send your answers to and I will start working at setting up a calendar.

Happy Thursday!

Another Weekend

This past weekend wasn’t just any plain old weekend it was the official beginning of my holiday festivities. This weekend my husband and I went over to my mom and step-dad’s to hit off some holiday festivities with lots of food, some drink, and tons of great Christmas music.
photo 2After spending some time with the family, my husband and I headed back to the city and I started to get ready for a festivus with some good friends. Besides some work parties and a big dinner with some ladies there haven’t been too many holiday parties, so I was very excited to get to attend this one. It was so fabulous, but from the two of them I wouldn’t have expected anything less, great food, great company, great music. Having a training session planned the following morning I unfortunately couldn’t stay too late and had to duck out a little bit early.
photo 3Finally Sunday. Sunday marked my last visit to the farmer’s market for the year, so it was a sad morning. I made sure to purchase some larger bags of vegetables so they hopefully last a little bit longer, and to take in the overall wonderfulness of the farmers market so it would be easier knowing it wouldn’t be back until spring. Having something like, testing out a new-ish restaurant with some girlfriends, also lessened the blow of losing the market. The restaurant is called Hang 10 and I think I am totally obsessed. I had their spicy beef burrito and my goodness it was delicious, and for 10$ for a burrito the size of my face and drink it was definitely reasonably priced.
photoMy husband and I, being the impatient people we are, had our personal Christmas Sunday evening. Opening our gifts to each other and just vegging out on the couch to some holiday classics like Elf, Badder Santa, and Fred Clause. It was the perfect end to a great weekend.

Hope you all had wonderful weekends! Happy Monday!


So normally I wouldn’t write about something like this or even get into the discussion. I have my personal views and I am good with leaving them at that, but a recent sighting of one of the most disgusting things I have seen in a long time sparked my interest on this subject.

Recently Ottawa passed a pretty strict smoking ban, it would prohibit smoking at bar and restaurant patios and at city-run beaches and parks. It would also ban smoking at any festivals held on city owned property.

Now full disclosure I used to be a smoker, I started smoking at 13 years old (because it was the coolest thing to do) and continued on until I was 22, this is also the point in my life where I started getting a bit more serious about my health and the life style I chose to live.

As an ex-smoker there are still times where I think man it would be awesome to have a smoke on this patio with a beer, then I remember how bad they smell, how much they cost and how awful they are for my body.

Now I am not one of those ex-smokers who is disgusted by the act of smoking (I actually have a pretty glamorous recollection of my smoking days), so people smoking on a patio or at a beach or a festival doesn’t bother me all that much. Someone smoking along the canal while I am running that to me is disgusting but I don’t think a smoker would want cigarette smoke blown in their face while finishing off a 7k run.

Enter super disgusting picture of what I saw today:
smoking is grossNow best part of this photo is that all of the cigarette butts are literally directly beside a Butt Out stop provided by the city.

Anyways, all of this to say original I wasn’t for or against the new bill and I could understand why both sides were getting a little heated, I also understand that the bill is, lets face it, a little paternalistic, but I have to be honest after seeing this I am less and less in the middle on this issue.

I understand that smokers, their life styles and habits are being challenged and restricted by this by-law, but at the same time when things like the above happen, and smokers decide to smoke my environment and health are directly affected due to someone else’s choices. I feel in comparison health and the health of our environment gets to trump somebody’s desire to have a smoke on a patio.

Feel free to disagree I am not here to change anyone’s mind on the issue, nor am I suggesting anyone who smokes should quit, and I am obviously not saying that this isn’t annoying for all the smokers out there, I guess I am just saying I won’t be sad if I never see a scene like depicted above again.

Hope everyone is having a great Friday, next post will be delicious food and recipes, sorry about the serious tone of this post.