Let’s Get Real

There comes a point in time where you sit with yourself and just think what the fuck (excuse my language)

What am I doing? Why am I doing this? And how can I make myself proud of me? I have been struggling internally and heck externally for that matter. I keep telling myself that finding some type of balance between nutrition, work, school, yoga, the gym, family, and a social life that it is okay to let go here and relax there. That I should be easy on myself and just learn to be where I am at and to practice a bit more self love instead of getting upset with myself over the small stuff. However just now it dawned on me,  pushing myself to achieve what I once thought possible and loving myself are not mutually exclusive, they both come for the same very loving place.

photo (6)I am allowed to push myself to make healthy choices, to say yes to the gym when I don’t want to go and to make time for my yoga practice when I would rather not move a muscle, to make time for family that doesn’t involve plopping my bottom on the couch and watching a movie.

It also means that maybe sometimes my body and soul needs my mind to be a bit of a cheerleader for myself, my health and my own body image. No one else is going to do it for me and no one else is going to be disappointed when I don’t achieve the level of success I feel I am capable of achieving.
owning your storyIt is time to start walking away from excuses, stop falling into old habits that have made me so miserable in the past and start dedicating time to me. It is by dedicating this time to me and my own well being (body, mind and spirit) that I can practice self love. It is not about punishing my body it is about loving my body with challenging activities and fuelling myself with healthy nutritious food while reminding myself that treats are called treats for a reason and that it is my responsibility to find that balance for myself (because this will be different for everyone).

Big ridiculous changes aren’t needed but it is time to realize and respect that if I am doing this for Me it is my responsibility to cause change be that positive or negative.  Allowing myself the flexibility and understanding to flounder and loving myself enough to know that I am strong enough to keep going.
loveIt is time to find that strength and kindness again especially now during these stressful, busy, mentally and physically exhausting times. I am reminded that it is in these moment of doubt and despair that it is most important to reflect and remember why the heck I started this life shift in the first place. It wasn’t to wear a bikini (however admittedly a great perk) it was to feel better, be happier and to rediscover my self worth. It is time to stop short changing myself and to start focusing on my small, minuscule and maybe almost no existent successes and rewarding myself with self love and kindness instead of physical treats and presents (although they are definitely allowed sometimes).

So today I choose to love myself and throw away some of the shit I have been feeding myself mentally and physically and I know that this doesn’t mean that I won’t have to take out some of the same garbage tomorrow, but I am okay with that.

Happy Sunday everyone. Stay motivated, stay focused and above all else learn to listen to and love yourself. 


14 Valentine’s Day Ideas

So I have been thinking and thinking of what to do for today’s posts.  I normally try to dig a little deeper when it comes to Wednesday posts or as I have lovingly labeled them “weepy Wednesdays” but I just kept coming up a little dry. Then I realized Friday is Valentine’s Day!

I am not really huge on valentine’s day, in that my husband and I generally speaking don’t celebrate it (except for that one time he proposed). I mean we do try and do something together, but when it comes down to it we do that every week so there is never anything super special about v-day when it rolls around.  So I figured it would be fun to post 14 ideas of things you could do on valentine’s day instead of eating a box of chocolate.


So here they are 14 Valentine’s Day Activity Ideas:

1. Hit up the gym with your partner or a friend.  Nothing says I love you like sweating all over someone you care about.

2. Hit up a heart opening yoga class.  You don’t always need to attend power classes, sure it is fun to get sweaty and get a good stretch, but it is also good to work on opening up that heart of ours.

3. If you are in Canada chances are you are currently living in a winter wonderland so get out there and have fun with it.  Do some skating on a pond, snow shoeing or skiing.

4. Check out a winter festival. Here in Ottawa Winterlude is going on, there is lots to look at like ice sculptures, snow sculptures, as well as different vents and activities throughout the city, and at the end of all of it you can grab a hot chocolate to warm up.

5. Try out a new healthy recipe.  It is always fun to test out new food, it is even more fun to try out new food with friends and loved ones.

6. Have some friends over to play some board games.

7. Get some popcorn ready snuggle up with your partner or invite over some friends and watch some of your favorite movies, or just binge watch some Netflix.

8. Looking for a little more romance, go and get a couples massage.  Our muscles work for us every day, sometimes it is good to treat them with a therapeutic massage.

9. Maybe you want to be a bit more “traditional” in your valentine’s activity so how about a dance class.   You don’t have to be good at something to have a blast, so lace up your dancing shoes and hit up a dance class.

10. Nothing says friendship or love like rock climbing right?  Maybe it something you do regularly and would like to share with a friend or loved one, it isn’t too expensive and a good rock climbing facility will have loads of walls for you to try out. You might not be able to lift your arms the following day but you will have a blast trying to get to the top.

11. Nothing says love like giving back.  We all live in places where I am sure there are loads of activities you can sign up for solo, with a partner or a group of friends.  The best part about volunteering is you get to give back and stay active, check out your local charity organizations I am sure some of them are always looking for a helping hand.

12. Do you have a competitive streak? If you are anything like me you might have just a tiny bit of one.  If you do with your friend or partner set up some short workouts that you can compete against each with.  See who can finish each exercise fastest, nothing gets your blood flowing like a little healthy competition.

13. Not all chocolate is bad for you.  Try your hands at making some cute dark chocolate treats for you and your friends.

14.  RELAX! Not everything fitness related is about sweating, sometimes it is just as important to slow down and take a break.  Snuggle up with some tea and a good book, cuddle with your kittens, sit back relax and have a conversation.

I hope you all have a great valentine’s day and get to spend it with your friends, family and/or partner.  I think this time of year it is important to remember that valentine’s day although it is a holiday mostly to sell junk is about appreciating all the special people in your life and not just about glorifying being in a relationship.

So find a friend, grab your sister or brother, your dad or your mom, husband or wife, girlfriend or boyfriend or ALL of them and go and do something fun!

Happy Wednesday!

Inspiration on a Cold Wet Day

Every morning I have the same routine of waking up ridiculously early and sorting through some blogs. I like catching up on other’s blogs and seeing what else is going on in the world of fitness, health, fashion, home decor, etc. It is a nice way for my brain to slowly wake up and lucky for me I normally get to learn something or be inspired a bit.

This morning I made my way to BexLife. I have been reading her blog and following her YouTube posts on and off for about a year now and she is always quite inspiring. Today the post I stumbled upon that really kind of hit home was on eating while on vacation. The fact that I had just come back from vacation didn’t really play into it’s impact on me as much as a comment a friend made the other day. He said “okay this is all great but when does Brittany get to eat a hamburger?” His words made me realize that my struggle with my nutrition (either too hard on myself or to relaxed) was something that maybe I needed to take a step back and assess with love. The five words of wisdom that Bex’s offered were “How does this serve me?”


These words struck me because I know that for me food journaling and food planning are good things because they help me stay stay on track. What these words did was remind me of the need to think about what I am eating. “How is eating this going to make me feel? what am I feeling that is making want that? What do I do with all of this information?”

For myself the struggle is to find a middle ground between being proud for making the “healthiest” choices or making myself feel guilty for not making the “healthiest” choices. It is about realizing that sometimes the healthiest choice for your body and mind isn’t always going to be considered the most nutritionally sound but eating with compassion and love for yourself sometimes means allowing yourself a slice of pie or a glass of champagne.

I have labelled indulgences as compassionate and loving because allowing yourself the occasional indulgence without mentally pummeling yourself later is what allows you to find a balance. No one is capable of living at 100% all of the time and setting manageable expectations for yourself is a part of self love and acceptance. I am not suggesting that you don push yourself or to not set the bar high, I am simply suggesting that perhaps the idea of complete and total perfection is an unfair goal for anyone to set for themselves and in it can be these unrealistic expectations that hold us all back from achieving our goals.

Having said this I must admit that I do not have this balancing act down by any stretch of the imagination. I like most am probably the most critical when it comes to talking to myself or analyzing my own actions, but I do strongly believe that every once in a while we all need reminders that we aren’t perfect and that’s okay, and it is these reminders that will one day help us to find that sweet spot, to find our own balance.

The other thing that had me so intrigued by these five words was that they can be applied to so much more than food choices. They can be applied to workouts, sleeping, shopping, or any other aspect of our lives. When on a journey to find health, happiness and balance in our lives it is always important to take a second to stop and reflect, without judgement, on where you are, where you came from, and where you would like to be. By taking the time to objectively evaluate where you are and how you feel you allow yourself to be more present and involved in your journey.

How do you keep yourself balanced? Are there any words or phrases you use to help yourself make healthier choices?