Back to the Grind

Back to the grind eh folks.  After some time off for the holidays it is back to the regular swing of everything.  Although I am looking forward to getting back into a regular routine of working out, yoga, sleeping, oh god how I miss a regular sleeping pattern, I am really not all that interested in being back in my beige beehive of an office. But alas work is a part of life so I will survive I’m sure.

So this weekend was the most relaxed, hibernation filled weekend ever.  Besides running some errands, grabbing groceries and heading to dinner with my mom and step dad I don’t think the husband and I really ventured outside besides a walk here and there and shoveling the never ending snow.   My weekend was filled with fun with the kittens, baking and meal planning for the week, so all in all it was pretty wonderful. I also got super into Northern Exposure, seeing I received season three for Christmas (it is seriously one of the best shows out there….in my opinion)
Northern Exposure CollageSo unfortunately for this blog post my weekend was pretty uneventful, however through my baking experiments I did make up a pretty delicious granola bar recipe which I can’t wait to share with everyone come Friday so stay tuned.

Hope everyone is adjusting back to their regular work schedule alright!  Happy Monday! 


It’s Friday already?

This week kind of got away from me. With being a slightly under the weather, the holidays and my trainer being away for a bit any semblance of a week kind of melted away, and them BAM Friday was upon me.

Seeing how I forgot what day of the week it was I haven’t exactly prepared  my regularly scheduled Food Time Friday master pieces. So instead I felt like it might be useful to post about how it has been working out without my trainer.

Now before I had a trainer I did exercise, basically yoga and running were my exercise, but I hadn’t really ventured into heavy weights. In my mind the heavy stuff was for meat heads and strong women (you know the ones that compete). It has been through my training that I have discovered that weight training is pretty much for anyone, with the proper instruction and go ahead from a doctor of course. It is also the one thing my husband kind of enjoys at the gym so I was excited to get to “pump some iron” with him this week. In order to work out with my husband we headed over to our “regular gym” not the one I normally workout at seeing he doesn’t have a membership there.
gymSo far some of the positives of working out without my trainer include: working out with my husband and spontaneously deciding when to go to the gym. With any positive there is a negative and unfortunately there are a couple, they are less to do with not having a trainer there and more to do with being at a “regular gym”. Some of the negatives include; the machines are strange and different to me, I have seen about 3 women in the weight area, everything is super spaced out (machines/weights vs. where I could do some sit-ups), there are so many people all fighting for mirror space and I miss my resistance bands. I have also noticed that I may not be pushing myself as hard as Alannah would probably push me, but I am definitely working on that.
premium-versa-tubesAll in all the experience has been mixed. I am loving working out with my husband but I am missing my gym and being pushed to achieve that next level. I thought the most difficult part was going to be convincing myself to go to the gym but so far that hasn’t been a problem. I guess working out and sweating has actually finally wiggled itself into my list of life’s “want to’s” now to keep that going.

All of this to say that I do miss Alannah, I enjoy the routine of our meet ups, but it is nice to know that I am able to continue on and motivate myself when she is not there.  I am happy that I am back to my regular schedule next week, and I will know what day it is from one to the other.

Happy Friday everyone, I will be back on track next Friday with some tasty treats.

Have any of you ever had trainers or followed some type of training plan? What have been some of your challenges?

Another Weekend

This past weekend wasn’t just any plain old weekend it was the official beginning of my holiday festivities. This weekend my husband and I went over to my mom and step-dad’s to hit off some holiday festivities with lots of food, some drink, and tons of great Christmas music.
photo 2After spending some time with the family, my husband and I headed back to the city and I started to get ready for a festivus with some good friends. Besides some work parties and a big dinner with some ladies there haven’t been too many holiday parties, so I was very excited to get to attend this one. It was so fabulous, but from the two of them I wouldn’t have expected anything less, great food, great company, great music. Having a training session planned the following morning I unfortunately couldn’t stay too late and had to duck out a little bit early.
photo 3Finally Sunday. Sunday marked my last visit to the farmer’s market for the year, so it was a sad morning. I made sure to purchase some larger bags of vegetables so they hopefully last a little bit longer, and to take in the overall wonderfulness of the farmers market so it would be easier knowing it wouldn’t be back until spring. Having something like, testing out a new-ish restaurant with some girlfriends, also lessened the blow of losing the market. The restaurant is called Hang 10 and I think I am totally obsessed. I had their spicy beef burrito and my goodness it was delicious, and for 10$ for a burrito the size of my face and drink it was definitely reasonably priced.
photoMy husband and I, being the impatient people we are, had our personal Christmas Sunday evening. Opening our gifts to each other and just vegging out on the couch to some holiday classics like Elf, Badder Santa, and Fred Clause. It was the perfect end to a great weekend.

Hope you all had wonderful weekends! Happy Monday!

It’s Official

It is official; Mondays are my hardest ever day in the gym.  It is something about weighted step ups, followed by push-ups, squats and dead-lifts that somehow totally drains my life force.  Then 20 minutes later the weirdest thing happens, it is like my energy levels kick it into high gear, and I am like a kid that found a “pay what you can” all you can eat candy store.  I am basically bouncing off the walls like a crazy person, and then yes the inevitable happens I crash.  I think the crashing has less to do with getting my behind handed to me at the gym, and more to do with being awake at 5AM every day, regardless it is an energy roller-coaster I have come to love.

Besides sharing with everyone my hyperactive routine after any form of physical activity (well maybe not yoga so much) yesterday’s session was great.  My “homework” from last week was to go over my own progress and to analyze how I thought things were going with my wonderful trainer Alannah.   I had the opportunity to look back and remember what my initial goal was coming into all of this (strength, weight, and education) and to look at barriers/challenges I had been having and might have over the holidays.
christmas treeThe holidays are always so challenging, we want to eat, drink and be merry and I for one often find it difficult to find some type of healthy medium in there.  So I found addressing this question early was a good thing, because let’s be honest it is December in less than a week and holiday festivities will start soon afterwards. Starting to think of my plan of action now and build on it as the holidays get closer will help to keep me honest with myself and with my indulgences.

For me the following are some things that I think will help to keep me honest leading up to and during the holiday season:

  1. Have a solid workout plan.  Something I can do while traveling, find a yoga studio, bring at home workouts, etc.
  2. Keep some choice food items on hand, if I have the option of something healthy readily available I will be less tempted to pick something unhealthy because I already put the effort in.
  3. Be mindful of my indulgences.  Too often I can get over excited about holiday food and want to eat it all in mass quantities.  Being mindful of what treats I REALLY want to eat will help me make better choices.

What are some tricks that you have up your sleeve to “stay on track” during the upcoming holiday session?

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Weekend Round Up

This past weekend was another exciting one, it was our 6th annual Feast!  Every year our large group of friends gets together for some early holiday cheer.   This year was a record for people in attendance and pounds of turkey.  This year we cooked two full turkeys totaling 40 lbs.
pre-cooking turkeyMy husband and I take care of the turkey and everyone pitches in and pick a dish to bring and share with everyone.   It is always such a delicious time, and it is always so fun to find out how talented all of our friends are.   Not only is it a day filled with friends and food, each feast has a theme…this year’s theme was a holiday PJ party and everyone looked fantastic!
feast collage

Our Sunday was spent with some tidying up and some well deserved rest.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Happy Monday everyone. 

Long Weekends

Today marks the last day of my long weekend. Wanting to relish every moment I have left I work up nice and early at 7:45am, put an easy breakfast of left over ham and eggs into my.

Followed by some very stimulating and exciting cleaning. With the things I needed to do out of the way I settled in for a nice short 30minute NTC workout. The original plan was to do my long slow run today but it was chilly out and I completely despise running in the cold.

Now that all my cleaning and all of my working was done I was about ready to settle in for a nice relaxing day of movie watching. So far today has been extremely relaxing filled with bad movies and lots of cuddling with my kittens.
I hope everyone who had today off was able to enjoy it in the most perfect way for you.