Weekend Round Up

This past weekend felt so incredibly short. My husband and I headed out to Edmonton in the middle of last week (leaving the kittens in good caring hands, don’t worry). The past few days have felt like our weekend, so let’s see what I remember.

We got in last week and arrived at my sister’s mother-in-law’s house and were immediately pampered and let me tell you it felt great, especially after just coming home from jungle living. After catching up and filling our bellies with some warm homemade soup we headed over to my dad’s to say hello and of course to pick up a much needed GPS. I don’t come back to Edmonton too often and when I left I definitely didn’t have a license so I rarely have any idea where I am going, thank goodness for technology.
20131223-072837.jpg After a quick visit with my dad we headed over to my other sister’s house to go to a winter festival with her and her step daughter. It was lots of fun, filled with ice skating, banok making, picture taking, letters to Santa and other fun family style activities.


20131223-072824.jpg Then we headed back to home base to rest up. The following day started with a father-daughter trip to the gym, Christmas supper grocery shopping with my sister and then braving the West Edmonton mall with my other sister to wrap up start our Christmas shopping. Thank goodness for my brother-in-law’s mom making sure we are fed and hydrated otherwise I would have forgotten to sit down and  nourish myself.

The following day was more hanging out with family and Christmas shopping, but yesterday was the most exciting.

Sunday my dad married a wonderful lady. The two of them together is so warming to see, they balance each other and seem to keep one another in check. Seeing them both before the wedding with obvious butterflies was so beautiful to me and I am so grateful I was able to travel to Edmonton to be present for all of it.

20131223-073539.jpgThe ceremony was lovely and short and to the point, much like my father, and the gathering of people was kept to family and close friends, which was perfect and made everything feel so intimate and welcoming. It was a treat to see my dad so happy and to know that he was marrying someone that understands he sense of humor and obviously cares greatly for him. The wedding was definitely a great addition to my holiday season.

Today is my second fakemas of the season and I can’t wait to get into the kitchen with my big sister to start whipping up a tasty healthy holiday meal for our family.

Happy Monday everyone!


Weekend In Review

Well it has been a while since I have sat down to write a weekend update.  Probably because while in Costa Rica all of the days kind of just melted into one day and by the time I realized I just had a weekend it was Thursday so a weekend round up really wouldn’t have made much sense.

Anyways, here I am back in the land of the cold, it is so very very cold, and I am trying to get back into my routine of writing my regular posts.  Something that has been proving to be much more difficult than I had actually thought it would have been.  But yes adjusting to life back in Canada has been strange yet pleasant.

This past weekend I celebrated a bit of Christmas over at my mom and step dad’s place.  It was kind of wonderful, after having been Christmas deprived (Costa Rica doesn’t seem to decorate until December not like our November 1st style decorations here in North America) it was nice to be surrounded by Christmas for a couple of days.   We enjoyed a nice meal filled with poultry, stuffing and mashed potatoes and several glasses of wine and just caught up.

Saturday evening my husband and I celebrated in our own way by watching some Christmas classic movies, such as Elf, It’s a Wonderful Life, Santa Clause, Christmas with the Kranks, and well our list just keeps going on, we will be watching Christmas movies for days. The movie watching festivities are also generally filled with some tasty finger foods and other delicious foods we generally avoid in every day life (aka not the healthiest food out there).
Christmas movie collageThe weekend was then wrapped up with a little hot morning yoga (thank goodness for hot yoga!), and then it was time to go to a birthday party for a wonderful little lady. A good friend of mine’s daughter turned 1 and she had a small party of family and friends to celebrate her entering the world. It was a great shindig and it was so fun to see just how big she has gotten and how mobile, oh goodness. It was great to get to see some friends and catch up and see all the little rugrats running around having a great time with all the toys and crafts that were left out for them.

All in all I would have to say it was a pretty successful first weekend back home in Ottawa (minus the snow and the cold of course), I am happy to be back and will be working diligently at getting back into my regular routine of posting.  Also I will have a couple more segments of Costa Rican recaps thrown in there for a little flare so keep your eyes open for them.

Happy Monday everyone. Hope you are all staying warm.

Weekend Round Up

I had a great weekend this past weekend, but I mean quite honestly I rarely have a weekend that isn’t a least a little great. I hope your first weekend of Challenge V.2.0 wasn’t too challenging. If this is your second round of the Clean Eating Challenge it probably wasn’t that tough, however if this is your first go at something like this abstaining from a glass of wine or two or three may have been a bit difficult, but hopefully you were able to stick with it and you didn’t have to use one of your treats or “cheats”.

This weekend I had the opportunity to volunteer at my gym’s first year anniversary party. I have been a member at many a gym but this one is special. It’s a smaller feel and the great community of clients and trainers makes it a very welcoming environment for anyone from athletes to someone looking at getting into shape like me. It was great to be a part of the day and have the opportunity to speak to other clients, watch the trainers compete against each other and play a load of games.

epic partyAfter the excitement of the party I was ready for some rest and settled into a nice relaxing evening of movie watching with my husband and I was sure to get to bed a little early for a early Sunday morning bike ride with Susan.

Last week I rolled my ankle which has thrown a bit of a wrench into the half marathon training schedule so Susan and I decided to map out a long bike ride to at least simulate a 10-12k run. We incorporate it into our regular visit to the farmer’s market so we could take care of two birds with one stone.

Seeing how we like to get to the market early we met up at 8am and geared up for our 22k bike ride along the Rideau Canal. Besides being ridiculously chilly out in the morning it was a beautiful day for a bike ride, and would have been a perfect morning for a long run. About 18k into our bike ride we stopped at the farmer’s market to stock up on vegetables and local organic meats before hopping back on our bikes to finish up our ride.

UntitledOnce all the groceries had been put away and I consumed a large piping hot cup of tea to warm up from the cold ride it was time to head out again to finish up some errands. I headed over to Lululemon to get a pair of cold weather full length running pants, I had been on the fence about getting them but the bike ride sure changed my mind!

lulupantsThen it was off to Rona to get a new BBQ. Our BBQ has lived a pretty decent life but this past summer was definitely its last. Unfortunately for rust had attacked it and won the battle when the bottom crumbled and fell off leaving no protective layer between the propane tank and the flames, so we figured for safety reasons it would be best to buy a new BBQ.

It was nice to have a bit more down time than usual and to just get to spend some quality time with my husband so it was a nice way to wrap up the weekend. Now we are back to Monday and back to our regularly scheduled lives. I hope you all had wonderful weekends filled with activity, friends, family and fun!

Happy Monday!

Weekend Round Up

This weekend was filled with travel and family. This past week it was my niece’s birthday so we headed to the Hamilton area for some birthday celebrations for the weekend.   Before the weekend got started my husband and I packed some snacks for little road trip and set out for our 5 hour trip.

We arrived around supper time and were greeted with some delicious surf and turf made on the BBQ, then we sat around and caught up.

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early to try and get in a 10km run before it started to get too warm, seeing the weather for the weekend was supposed to be pretty hot and muggy.  So with the help of my husband and his mom we used a tourist map to figure out my run.  It was a pretty interesting run, seeing how I had no idea where I was running I ended up running with the map in my hand to make sure I didn’t get too lost.


After my run we all started to get ready for my nieces birthday party.  The party was great, our niece is getting so big and it was fun to see her and all of her tiny friends running around on the various play structures and bouncy castle available at their disposal.
Lucy Birthday Collage

It was a great weekend catching up with family and the weather cooperated too.  Now the week is getting started, I am starting a new training phase with my trainer Alannah and as per usual run club is scheduled for this evening.

Happy Monday everyone hope your week gets off to a great start.

Day 13 & Another Weekend

well you have made it this far!!! 13 days into the challenge and 2 weekends under your belt, I am sure you are all started to feel the great benefits! You are probably less bloated, more energy, and feeling lighter. I hope for you all these positive side effects of eating clean are making it easier for you to resist temptation throughout the days.

This weekend may have been a bit tricker for a lot of the ladies out there, especially the moms seeing how love and pampering can often come in the form of a good glass of wine and a nice slice of chocolate cake, so hopefully you either used a cheat meal to avoid driving yourself nuts or you were able to navigate the treats and stick to your clean eating, either way I am sure you made the right decision for you and your situation.

This weekend was a little tough for me because we were at my inlaws and my mother-in-law is a particularly amazing baker, so it took a little bit more willpower to resist the delicious chocolate chip cookies and cherry cheese cake that were waiting for us when we arrived. Even though I didn’t partake in any of the decadent sweets my mother-in-law made sure to have loads of fruits, veggies and pre-cooked lean protein for me so I never felt like I was missing out, and boy was I ever grateful for that. It is easier to say no to a slice of cheesecake when I had a bowl of fresh strawberries specially prepared for me.

Besides resisting the temptation to stuff my face with all the sugar treats my belly could handle my husband and I got to visit with his family. It was a great weekend filled with good conversation, catching up, and getting to marvel at how grown up our niece is getting. Kids really do grow up so quickly and it is pretty exciting to see such huge changes. The little lady had a better idea of what was going on on my iphone than I do.
Lucy Collage

We headed home after some more visits and a nice mother’s day breakfast, and headed right into the regular grind of life, so that means my mind is back on food prep, routines, and the Gingersneezes run club. Although, I do enjoy breaks from my regular routine, I always seem to miss it after an extended period of time, so I am happy to be returning to my routine. I understand that I might have a love for routine, that sentiment might not be felt by all, and see how we are moving into our THIRD week of the Gingersneezes Eats Clean challenge I wanted to throw in an extra challenge for everyone.

Starting tomorrow, for the next 7 days I want everyone to start having a glass of warm lemon water in the morning. Warm is the ideal temperature, but if you are like me and know you won’t make your way to the kitchen in the morning to warm up the water prepare your lemon water the night before in a bottle or cup with a lid, and set it on your nightstand for you to have first thing in the morning. The goal is to have your glass of lemon water within 30 minutes of waking up so your body has some time to process it before you eat your breakfast.

Lemon Water

Why lemon water? Well besides tasting GREAT lemon water helps to clean you out (it is a natural diuretic), it will help balance out your internal pH, it will help to clear your skin, give you energy, boosts your immune system and aids in weight loss (as if you needed anymore reasons why).

So get ready to experience some awesome benefits to adding this extra step to your morning routine.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend and I hope that positivity translates into your week.

Happy Monday!

P.S. Gingersneezes has a competition for everyone in the coming days. So keep your eyes peeled for the details!

Weekend Round Up – Day Light Savings

So this past Sunday was Day Light savings, and I have got to tell you I am not a fan. I so very much dislike how it completely throws off my internal clock, and how I get that weird panic the next morning that I am late for something because my phone didn’t self set. All of that aside I am just hoping that I adjust to my 5 A.M. wake ups super fast and I get used to walking to work in the dark again, I had really grown fawned of the sun in the mornings, but on the bright side of things it is amazing having so much sunlight after work, longer nights means more opportunities for out door runs.

This weekend was pretty fantastic. Friday night I went to the gym as per usual, followed by an amazing party thrown by my wonderful husband and my amazing running/gym buddy. The party was filled with great company, great food, flowers and bubbly.
Oz_-_The_Great_and_Powerful_PosterThe following day, my husband, of my two girlfriends and I went to see the new Wizard of Oz movie, and I have got to say it was not bad at all. It started off a little slow, but it really picked up. We didn’t see it in 3D but you could tell that it would have been amazing in 3D so if you have the option I would pick the format that involves ridiculous 3D glasses.

Sunday was unusual as it started with me heading over to the gym for a personal training session, to make up for the fact that I had missed Monday’s regular session due to car issues, but it was actually kind of nice to finish the week off with a bang. The workout was super challenging and I was definitely exhausted at the end, but all in all I would say it was worth it. Then that evening I went out for supper with my mom and step-dad for my birthday. Dinner was then followed by my husband and I heading home to just relax on the couch for a bit before our work week started. The cats were definitely happy to get in some cuddle time too.
sleepy catsThe weekend was all pretty magnificent if you ask me, it kind of makes the loss of an hour worth it .

Happy Monday Everyone.

How did you spend your weekend? Were you able to enjoy the outdoors?

Weekend Round Up Holiday Edition

Happy Christmas Eve day everyone! Who else is bursting with joy that today is Christmas Eve!?!  To keep with the regularly scheduled program over here at Gingersneezes I figured I would provide my weekly round up what happened this past weekend.

This weekend has been loads of fun, adventures to the West Edmonton Mall, the Muttart Conservatory, yoga with my sister, some suppers with my brother, it has been all around awesome.

Seeing my husband has never been to Edmonton I figured it would be a good idea to get some tourist stuff in, so we headed on over to the West Edmonton Mall to show him the water park, Galaxyland, the mini-putt courses, the movie theater, Bourbon Street, and well the lists goes on. If you have ever been in this mall you know just how long it can go on for, that place is freaking huge.  Luckily for us my dad brought us there earlier in the morning, and my brother picked us up a before it became totally insane with Christmas shoppers.

The following day was spend running some errands with my big sister and her husband, and then it was off to the Muttart Conservatory with my husband and my dad. It was a great time, we arrived at the Muttart just in time to jump on a tour to learn about some plants and how they are involved in different Christmas traditions around the world. We went into all four pyramids (temperate, arid, tropical and the Nutcracker exhibit), the only one I didn’t take pictures of was the temperate pyramid because well I get to see that all year long, and seeing it is winter most of the trees were hibernating so not much to see there.

In the arid pyramid there was the most awesome agave plant ever! It was blossoming and the shoot was something like 30 feet tall! It got so large they had to trim some of the top, I am sure if you want some more information on that you could definitely check out their website.
airidNext was the Tropical pyramid, this one was amazing, there was so much to look at and so many beautiful orchids, coffee plants, cinnamon making trees, even pineapples and mini bananas.
tropical 1And the last pyramid we checked out was the featured exhibit “The Nutcracker” which was basically thousands of poinsettias.


Happy Christmas eve day! Hope everyone is having a wonderful time, and getting to spend some time with their families!  

Now I am off to do a little workout, and then to watch some TV with my brother and husband! I’ll be back after Christmas.