Fun Summer Running Gear

Fun Running GearI participate in various forms of movement and physical activity but I think I would have to say that running is definitely my physical activity of choice, or at least I am most stubborn about it.  There is something about just being outside with your thoughts, listening to your breathing or boom of super loud music in your ears, that just makes me so happy.

I have mentioned before that when I am not feeling super motivated I will purchase a new pair of running socks to get me excited about running.  Socks are my go to because out of all the running gear I could be buying to motivate myself socks are the cheapest.  But this got me thinking what are my favourite running things?  This is when I realized there are very few things besides my running watch (which I honestly feel could be any brand), orthotics and sun block there are only a handful of things I feel I couldn’t live without.

So here they are the items I feel like without them running would be that much more difficult.

Run Gear1. Lululemon Stuff Your Bra: This bra is nothing short of incredible! Not only does it offer amazing support, the bra itself has tiny little pockets for your keys, cell phone, tissue, lip gloss, tiny little sunblocks.  Sure it is a bra so you don’t want to be stuffing a water bottle in there, but for a house key or your iPod or cell phone this bra is perfect.  The addition of items to the bra’s pockets doesn’t compromise the support it offers, this bra is also awesome in the gym to carry around your music so you don’t have ear phone cables all over the place.

2. Lululemon Run Inspire Crop: another lulu gem.  I love these pants because the mesh on the back of the leg.  I am not much for running in shorts on longer runs however that can become challenging on hot days.  The mesh helps to cool down your leg while still giving you some good coverage.  Also as #1 didn’t give you enough options for storing things, these guys have a nice little pocket on your backside for keys, cards or whatever you would like to put in there.

3. Fuel Belt: The fuel belt above is from the Running Room, it isn’t necessarily my very favourite ever but it is one that has lasted me over 5 years and came in at under $25 so I really have no complaints. Regardless of the brand you choose if you are running more than 5k and it is warm out you should be bringing some water with you and for body balance reasons I find hands free is the best way to go.

4. WATER BOTTLES: as mentioned above water and hydrating is an absolute must during your day, and more importantly when you are outside in the sun being active.  Personally I have two of these little guys threaded onto my fuel belt, one is filled with straight up water and the second normally has some type of electrolyte concoction in it. I like these little bottles because they aren’t overly heavy, and to be honest running with water can be annoying but I am always thankful for it after a long run.

5. Running Hats: I am sure I have mentioned this in the past. I don’t do well with sunglasses, I get too sweaty behind them and become uncomfortable pretty quickly.  I prefer a hat, not only for the reduced sweatiness but also for the protection from the sun.  I am a ginger and therefore burn pretty easily, plus who doesn’t want to protect their face from the harmful rays of the sun?  Now there is a difference between a regular old baseball hat and a running hat.  Running hats are so much lighter and breathable than other hats out there.  To be honest I have no idea what brand my hat is, I went to a Sport Check and bought a hat for $20, the back is mesh and the rest of the hat is made of light weight material.

There you have it. These are my tired and true items, if you didn’t notice I am not much for spending huge amounts of cash on my running gear (I guess besides my slight Lululemon obsession). I find the key to good summer running gear is to make sure the materials used are light weight, breathable and whenever possible moisture wicking!   I understand that I didn’t list my running shoes here which are arguably a must have when running, however when it comes to shoes we all have very different needs and feet.  Personally I tend to buy the same brand year after year, but always try on various brands when purchasing a new pair because designs change, shoes fit differently from year to year and you never know when you might find something that is better suited to your needs.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Let me know what your favourite running gear is in the comments below, I am always on the look out for fun new running stuff.



And They’re Gone

So yesterday was the day. The day that I donated all of my clothing. Okay not all of it was just adding a bit of dramatic flare but my closet and dresser drawers sure do feel and look pretty empty.

Yesterday evening I had some girlfriends come over for first pick at the clothing I would be donating, I figured it would be easier to see some of my prized possessions go to good homes than it would to see them all tossed into a garbage bag to await pick up. And it was, as hard as it was to say good bye to some great pieces of clothing, it also felt good.

Sure donating and helping others always feels great but this was different. The epic purge from my wardrobe was cathartic, by the end of the two hours of me sorting through my clothing making a keep and give pile I felt renewed. Lighter, happier, and it was all a little freeing. These articles of clothing had served me well but I am now at a point where they would be doing nothing but holding me back from realizing and appreciating all the hard work I have put in to date.

The whole process felt almost like a right of passage. It kind of felt like the best shopping trip ever. It was an experience where everything was either to big or fit perfectly, there was no soul crushing trying to squeeze yourself into that pair of pants you want business. So although my wardrobe was thinning out I got a bit of a confidence boost.


When it was all said and done I had two clothing baskets full and I was proud that I was able to stay on course and not weaver when faced with some of my favorite pieces of clothing.

And now for the fun part I get to rebuild my closet!!

Happy Tuesday. What have you done for yourself latey?

Old Hat

Soon (next Tuesday) I will no longer be a full fledge member of the personal training brigade and it will become my responsibility to motivate myself to make it out to the gym, to keep my meals healthy and more importantly to get myself to do all of these things even when really all I want to do is put on a pair of sweatpants and eat potato chips.

I am pretty conflicted about this next portion of my fitness journey, on one hand I cannot wait to get started, get out on my own, workout around my schedule, and see how much I am capable of on my own. But on the other hand I am freaking the *beep* out, worrying about how fast I am going to be back in my “fat pants” and then not having them will cost me a fortune. So today I decided enough is enough, it was time to get rid of the old and finally sink some money into the new.

After 6 months of losing inches, weight, and fat I had not gone out and bought myself a new pair of pants. Well that isn’t true, I bought new workout pants because I was pulling them up anytime I did anything, but other than that no new clothing.So this past weekend in Toronto I went shopping to purchase a pair of new pants with a girlfriend when I came out to show her what they looked like I said “oh god are they too tight? They feel really tight” to which she replied “Brittany, just wear tight”. Perhaps it was a bit of a joke, perhaps it was fashion advice but it actually got me thinking.

For the past 6 months I have been wearing pants that feel like sweat pants, skinny jeans that are no longer skinny and tights that have gotten closer to being PJ pants than tights. It wasn’t until this moment when I put on a pair of properly fitting pants that I realized just how big of an injustice I had been serving myself.

By not updating my wardrobe and purchasing items that fit my body I was allowing my mind to continue seeing myself through my “chubby shades”. I feel like anyone who is in the process of losing weight can perhaps relate to this feeling. For me the chubby shades allow me to see my progress, but they don’t really allow me to enjoy it. I mean right now I know I am well on my way to meeting my goals I am proud of myself and I am motivated, but those darn shades keep saying “oh but you might still need those pants” or “don’t worry about it just put a belt on they totally still fit”. Well I have decided that it is time to throw though shades in the trash and get rid of some baggy clothing while I’m at it.
pile-o-clothesHaving declared this to myself this morning. I started writing an email to some girlfriends letting them know I was going to be getting rid of my clothing, about halfway through I decided “no this is an awful idea” and deleted the email. I then decided I would test out the water and let one girlfriend know, and even that was entirely more emotional than I thought it would be. As I went through describing the articles of clothing I would have up for grabs, it finally came to my Citizens of Humanity jeans and it just hurt. If you know me you know I don’t spend much on expensive clothing, I have never really seen the point (except for when it comes to my running/yoga gear) but these pants, these pants were my expensive fancy brand name pants and I loved them. However, after toying with the idea of bringing them to the tailor to have them taken in two sizes and let out in the calves, I realized that hanging onto these pants was only holding me back from being able to truly appreciate and see all of my successes. So with a tear in my eye I am releasing these pants to a new home where I know they will be treated well and will make a good friend very happy.

I think we all know we shouldn’t keep clothing around that is too big for us, there is no point in keeping an “emergency” pair of pants because it is almost like willing yourself to go backwards on your progress-o-meter. So after always encouraging all of your to be positive, keep moving forward, and to acknowledge your own success I will be taking my own advice and I am leaving old baggy pant Brittany in the past no matter how sick to my stomach it makes me.

I think the best way to end this post is with some words from Eleanor….

Happy Thursday Everyone!