Gingersneezes Turns 3

Turns out today is Gingersneezes Birthday!   She is turning 3 years old today, and although over the past 8ish months the site has gone a little dead I do still check in and am always sure to post on our Facebook Page, Twitter and the Instagram account. So if you are going through kitten withdrawals or missing delicious food posts or motivational quotes head on over to one of those three spaces to stay connected.

originalIn the mean time have some fun traveling down memory lane with some delicious posts:

Salmon Risotto – an all time favorite of mine!
PB&J Cups – who could resist these tasty treats!

Pineapple Surprise – if juicing it is more your style try out this super tasty juice, it is great as a breakfast.

And after you have snacked on the above maybe testing out some good old workouts if you have yet to have the chance:

Try this killer ab workout to build strength to your core, or perhaps firming up your legs is more your style. If so try this awesome leg circuit out, it will have your legs feeling like jelly in no time.



Weekend Round Up

This weekend marked my 30th birthday. If you had asked me a year ago what I wanted to do for my 30th I would have said “travel somewhere and celebrate on my own”. I was not looking forward to it. But oddly enough as it got closer I really started to care less about the number and started to just get more excited about celebrating the milestone year with a bunch of people I love.

So a while back myself, my husband and a couple friends started planning and preparing all the crafts, food and decorations for the party. I had picked a lumberjack glitz and glam theme and it couldn’t have been more fun (in my opinion at least).

20140310-074007.jpgMy husband took some time off to start cleaning and preparing all the food so I wouldn’t have to worry about it and everything turned out so delicious. Only problem was we definitely made more food than was needed but that isn’t such a bad problem to have.

20140310-074154.jpgWe had also set up a photo booth so I wouldn’t have to remember to be taking pictures of the party and it is always fun for people to get their creativity on.

20140310-074259.jpgAt the end of the evening we all celebrated with some delicious cake, some dancing, and more chatting.

20140310-074425.jpgI had such an amazing time and want to thank everyone who was there in person and in spirit to celebrate with me. I had such a blast and couldn’t have thought of a better way to turn 30.

Lumberjack photobooth2Lumberjack photobooth1

Sunday as a result was an extremely lazy day. I watched some bad TV, took some naps and just let it all sink in. Then I started this week off right with an early morning workout session with my personal trainer and some grocery shopping gearing up for some clean eating over the next 101 days (more on that later).

Anyways, Happy Monday everyone I hope you are all having a wonderful start to your week.

Birthdays and Getting Old

I love birthdays. I love the opportunity to spoil a friend or family member just because they are alive. Sure you can do that any day of their life but to get to celebrate the day they came into being and started living their lives is just so special to me.   Generally speaking I not 100% a fan of my own birthday but other people’s birthdays let me tell you I can definitely get behind that!

This year is a little different. I am ending another decade and unlike 20 this one feels like a bit of a bigger deal.  Sure 20 was a big deal I was no longer a teen and I was officially in my adult years, but let’s be honest I was still a teen for at least a couple years after that birthday. I didn’t have any major responsibilities other than showing up to work on time and getting those essays in on their due dates. Aside from that life was pretty easy.  Now there are all kinds of payments; mortgage, insurance, school, utilities, blah blah blah right?  Although I do think back every now and again about how easy life was before I turned into an “adult” I would seriously never go back.20140306-075901.jpgWhy wouldn’t I ever go back?  Well because my 20s were fun however there was so much learning and development, I mean I wouldn’t trade it for the world but why on earth would you ever want to do all of that again? Figuring out who I was, learning to be 100% responsible for myself, and trying to figure out what my life was going to be (still figuring that one out by the by) .  Aside from all that “have to do stuff” my 20s were fun, I met so many amazing people, many of whom are still in my life, but all the caring about what other people thought, gawd no thanks.  Not that I have become some sort of heartless beast just that I have learnt to “do me” and be unapologetic for who I am and what my beliefs are, that being said I have also become a lot more tolerant of others and their view points.

Besides me turning into a pretty different person than I was as a teen or in my early 20s I am not 100% how I am feeling about turning the big three-oh.  There are moments where I think “bah it is just a number” and then there are other moments that I stop and think “oh gawd I have to be a real adult now”.   All I know right now is I am excited for my birthday party and celebrations with my loved ones.  In the mean time I am going to mediate away my neurotic impulses to freak out and just enjoy the last 2 days of my 20s.

But enough about me getting older.  Here is a fun little quick sweat it out to keep you moving during this never ending winter.

birthday melt downHow was it for you when you hit a milestone birthday? Were you excited? Freaked out? Indifferent?

Happy Thursday!

Weekend Round Up – more Birthdays

This weekend was my first weekend in the new studio for Rock n’ Roll yoga. It is funny how something as small as a change in venue can have your nerves firing off as though you are teaching your first class.

Nerves aside the class was great. The space at Studio X was amazing, bright, cozy and clean. All the wonderful students who came to the first class were impressed and pleased with the new digs, so before class even started we were all starting off on the right foot.

After class Saturday afternoon it was back home to get ready for the final stages of a friend’s birthday surprise. We had informed her that we would hang out but she had no idea we would be surprising her.

Her fiancé did an amazing job of being sneaky and getting her out of the house for an hour so we would have enough time to decorate and prepare a bunch of her favorite foods

20140303-095350.jpgWhen she came in she totally didn’t suspect a thing. But once she saw us she was completely surprised! After attempting to run away from the surprise it all sunk in and she was excited to be hanging out with a small group of friends while snacking on some of her favour it foods.20140303-095402.jpgAfter a great night Saturday I was up early Sunday morning to tidy up a little and then had a nice relaxing day filled with my right now fav TV show Burn Notice and lots of snuggling with my kittens.

Now it is Monday and my first day of school. I am definitely excited to start learning and relearning how to take notes and pay attention for more than an hour at a time.

20140303-100233.jpgI hope everyone had a happy Monday.

Weekend Round Up

This past weekend was great.  Friday was a busy day of gym going, running errands and getting ready for my Rock N’ Roll yoga class on Saturday.   All of this had me a bit worn out and I was ready to call it in early and get a nice long sleep in to get me ready for the rest of my weekend.

Saturday morning I was up bright and early and headed over to the gym to get a bit of a sweat on before my yoga class and the rest of the fun planned.   Saturday’s Rock N’ Roll yoga class was great, I had the opportunity to give a bit more attention to my student and to modify the class on the fly to accommodate my pregnant student.  It was a ton of fun and a great learning experience for me.

After yoga my girlfriend and I headed out for some tea and chats. It is always nice when we take the time to sit down the two of us and get to catch up on everything that is going on in each other’s lives.   It was a perfect little Saturday afternoon.

After yoga and tea it was time to head home to get ready to celebrate our good friend’s 30th birthday.   Earlier that day I had gone to a party store and purchased some ridiculously large helium ballons to add a little something to the wrapping of his gift.  Still days later looking at the size of the balloons makes me giggle.

20140202-164247.jpgAfter we gave him his gift his fiance gave him his big surprise and it was such an awesome gift.
20140202-164210.jpgThey opened the fridge together to a beautiful of 30 beers from around the world. She had gone and with the help of the liquor store clerk she selected 30 of some of the best beers from around the world, one for every year of his life.  Then she took the time wrapping each bottle separately.  It was such a thoughtful and surprising gift.


Once all the presents were exchanged we went out for a delicious meal and celebrated with some champagne.  It was a great evening and it is always so fun celebrating your good friends…especially if they are older than you, gives you the chance to feel young for just a bit longer.


Sunday was football, but I am not much of a football fan so I decided to spend my day relaxing at home and having some Brittany time.  Just did some reading, relaxing and chilling out with my kittens. It was a great way to finish off the weekend.

Now it is back to the grind. Happy Monday everyone! 

Weekend Round Up – Parties and Friends

This past weekend has been great, and makes me all the more excited that today is still a part of that weekend.  Sure it is the last long weekend of summer but I think we went out with a bang so I am not disappointed.

My sister had been in town for a while and I was able to have her and my mom over for some breakfast before she took off to her next destination.  So I woke up bright and early and headed off to the gym to get a good workout in to start my day, and then quickly headed home to shower up and start breakfast.  It was just a short visit but it was nice getting to see her one last time before she headed out to say goodbye.  After my sister headed to the airport there wasn’t much time to be bummed out about it because my husband and I were hosting a birthday party for a close friend that evening.

Party Decor Collage

Camp Susan Collage

Last week it was my running buddy and co-coach for the Gingersneezes run club’s birthday.  So this weekend all the friends got together to throw her a fun backyard bash.  I really love planning parties so a couple months back I begged her to let me throw her a party once I got the go ahead I started pinning things on Pinterest like a crazy person.  I picked the theme of Camp and went about making the party more grown up than the 4-6 year old birthday parties I had been seeing documented on Pinterest. Once the idea was nailed down it was just a matter of picking the food.

Birthday Girl Collage

As I have been trying to incorporate clean and healthy eating into my life I didn’t want to go off the deep end and just serve junk food for the party (i.e. hot dogs and pre-made burgers) so I flipped through my cookbooks and did what I could to healthify some “traditional” camping food. Instead of serving hot dogs and hamburgers we served flank steak and chicken, instead of the traditional twice baked potato stuffed with butter and sour cream I used Greek yoghurt, and we made sure to have a wide selection of salads for everyone to fill up on.

birthday cake

All of that being said we did still have a cake, but it was a birthday and the way I figure it it is life and indulgences and treats are a part of that.  The menu was a healthy balance between health and indulgence and I think it went over well, and all in all I think the party was a hit (if I do say so myself). This beautiful cake was made by the talented Rachelle who makes one heck of a delicious gluten and nut free cake!  thanks again Rachelle.

After the party clean up took place it was time to relax.  I just finished my Power phase at the gym and my body has been screaming at me to relax a little bit more so I welcomed a day of laziness.  I went to the farmer’s market in the morning to stock up on food for the week and start my weekly meal prep, then later on in the afternoon I enjoyed the comical stylings of the movie “We’re the Millers”, which was hilarious.

I am excited to use today to get in a nice long slow run and then hopefully finish up the on-line portion of my personal trainer’s course, with a little time left over to relax some more.  I hope you are all enjoying your labour day weekend, and are all soaking in as much of the last weekend of summer as you can.

Happy Monday! 

Weekend Round Up – Cottage Edition

This past weekend my husband and I head up to the mountains for some cottage time with a group of friends. Friends of friends of ours organized a trip to a gigantic log cabin in the hills of Tremblant.  The cottage was amazing and complete with more than enough sitting, a hot tub and a kitchen that anyone that likes to cook would want.


My husband went golfing with some of the other men that came up for the weekend, where as I did my best to fill my days with reading, taking in the country air and just overall relaxing.  Also at some point in there I became the baby whisperer and got a cutie to fall asleep on me. (I am actually by no means a baby whisperer the little one had just had a big day and happened to pass out in my arms)


Our second day there we decided to head down to the lake and sit on the dock for a bit, however the weather had different plans.  After a few minutes of saving our things (not so successfully) from being blown into the lake we decided that maybe we should head over to the pool for a bit more shelter from the wind.


During the weekend we also had the opportunity to celebrate a birthday (with this delicious homemade gluten free cake) and some ridiculous firework like candles.   We also each were able to enjoy delicious BBQ’ed meals, roasted veggies, and a tasty mix of salads.


So all in all I would say the weekend was pretty great, even if I didn’t lace up my shoes and head out on a mountain run. I am happy that I had the chance to get caught up on some reading, brainstorming, and relaxation.


Sunday my husband and I woke up early to head back into town before the farmer’s market closed for the day.  It had been a while since I have actually been able to get to the farmer’s market with all the visiting, camping and being out of town on the weekend, so I was happy to wake up a bit earlier so I could enjoy my outdoor grocery shopping.

All-in-all I would say this weekend was pretty successful.

I hope you all had great weekends filled with wonderful weather, smiling friends, and a touch of rest. 

Happy Monday everyone!