Food Fridays Have Returned!

Food Fridays are finally back because I finally have some time to get in the kitchen and play with foods again and I couldn’t not possibly be more excited about that.  I really truly love cooking and not having the time to be creative in the kitchen on a regular basis bums me out so I am excited that I am able to share with you again.

So this week’s recipe is a ravioli.  I originally started to think about making something pasty like because I have about a million beets hanging out in my fridge, so I figured I would make myself some beet ravioli, then when it all came down to it all I could think was “I don’t feel like having red hands right now” so I put a full stop on the idea of beets and went into the fridge to see what I had to work with.  What happened was incredibly delicious and I am so happy I wrote down the recipe.

Kale, Mushroom and Sun-dried Tomato Ravioli

Serving: 4-5 ravioli pieces.

20140717-081731-29851195.jpg3/4 cup diced Onion
1 cup diced Kale
2 cup diced Mushroom
5-6 chopped Sun-dried Tomatoes
2 tsp fresh chopped Rosemary
1/2 cup light Ricotta Cheese
2 tbsp Goat Cheese (optional)
4 tbsp grated Parmesan Cheese
1 pkg Won-Ton Wrappers 1 tbsp Butter or Coconut Oil
Salt and Pepper to taste

20140717-081731-29851657.jpg1. Heat a large frying pan to medium/low, and add half of the butter/oil.  Once warm add in onions and cook until they soften and start turning clear, approximately 2-3 minutes. Add sun dried tomatoes and kale and cook for another 3 minutes, then add in mushrooms.  Cook until everything is soft approximately 5 minutes.

2. Once everything is cooked remove from heat and allow to cool.

3. While vegetable mixture is cooling mix together ricotta, goat and Parmesan cheeses with fresh rosemary in a large bowl. I added coarsely ground black pepper at this stage to be sure there was a nice peppery flavour.

4. Once vegetable mixture is cooled mix it together with the cheese mix, blend well making sure everything is mixed together.

5. To make a ravioli fill a small bowl with water for your fingers.  Take one won-ton wrapper and wet all the way around the edge of the paper.  Place 1-2 tsp of the filling in the center, fold the wrapper in half making a triangle and press the sides together.  The water makes the wrapper stick together without it the seams won’t stay closed.

6. Place the remaining 1 tsp of butter/oil into a pan, flavor with a couple pinches of fresh rosemary and bring to medium heat.  Place the ravioli in and cook.  Should take about 3-5 minutes per side.

Note: to cook the ravioli you can also place them in boiling water for approximately 5 minutes, or dry fry them without any oil or butter.   All three methods work it just depends on the type of flavour you are going for.  In the future I would probably omit the butter and just dry fry, the additional fat didn’t add to the flavour much so I don’t feel that it is necessary.

20140717-081732-29852033.jpgServe and enjoy.   We didn’t put any sauce on ours and found that you really don’t need anything the flavours really speak for themselves.


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