Food Food Food

Food has been on my mind these days, but not in the way of what to post here.  Rather I have had a swirling in my head of a constant inner battle of what I should eat, why I am I avoiding certain foods, and I am still getting the benefits I had hoped to attain when I started this 100 days of digestive clean up challenge.

I touched on this the other day when I confessed to maybe too many “treat” days in a consecutive row.  Here are the conclusions that I have reached after completing the first half of this challenge:
1. I like my glass of wine.  I don’t need or want it at all times, but sometimes a nice glass of white or red is just what the doctor ordered.  Not that I have been struggling with this on a regular basis, and to be honest I have been pretty busy and for the most part the idea of having a glass of wine didn’t even pop into my head, but the idea of “not being allowed” something has driven me a bit batty.

2. I don’t like being told what to do, even if the person telling me what to do is myself, some may refer to me as hard headed.   This might sound a little strange but as long as my brain and body are in agreement I have no problem doing something, but the second I have told myself that I “can’t have” something for whatever reason it turns into basically the only thing I want to have.  I still haven’t figured out if pushing through this rebellious feeling or just giving myself what I want is a better approach.  I am sure this will be a life long thing.

3. Eating loads of vegetables, fruits and lean meats is something I actually enjoy doing.

4. I don’t really miss sweet or salty packaged foods.  I mean every now and then I want a cupcake or some Cheetos or what have you, but for the most part I don’t miss these things.

5. I don’t think I will ever stop being amazed at how quickly my body tells me it doesn’t like something, as long as I am listening to what is going on.  Your body is a magnificent tool/device. I have learnt that it is really just a matter of listening to our sore stomachs, rashes, headaches, aches and pains. The more I do this the more I have learnt about what works for me and what doesn’t, and I rarely feel like I am depriving myself of something and when that happens see #2.

6. 100 days is a really long time! I have done a 3.5 month cleanse (which occurred over Christmas) that was monitored by a natural health practitioner but for whatever reason this feels like it is taking way longer!

I think all along I knew most of these things but sometimes it takes that extra push for you to actually open your eyes up to your own personal oddities.  To anyone that has joined me on this journey I hope you are all doing well and having as much fun learning about yourselves as I am.

Happy Friday Everyone!


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