Weekend Round Up

This weekend started out with one of the longest sleeps of my life. After not having the greatest sleep Thursday evening I was ready to come home from work and just crash. After attempting to get in a full workout at the gym Friday evening I came home took a wonderfully relaxing and detoxifying Epsom salt bath and packed it in all before the sun went down.

I woke up Saturday feeling refreshed and ready for the day. My morning was filled with yoga plan revision and heading to the gym bright and early to get warmed up. I taught a super relaxing and rejuvenating restorative yoga class and then headed home to cram in some school work before heading out again to teach my regularly scheduled Rock N’ Roll yoga class that afternoon.

After all the yoga teaching was done for the day it was time to get ready for the evening. I was having some ladies over for a nice evening in. We played some Just Dance on the wii and got the opportunity to chat and catch up. For the evening I made some sweet potato kale bites which were pretty tasty and everyone else pitched in and brought other tasty snacks to share with the group. It was great getting everyone together to say hello, between kids, work and other life commitments it can be challenging to get everyone in a room together.

Sunday was much more relaxed with some more school work, food prep and watching some bad TV on Netflix it was a nice and relaxing afternoon.

Now it is Monday and my school/work week has started up again. I am excited to dive into my new course and learn more about healthy lifelong diet planning.

I hope you all had wonderful weekends and that your Monday is a great start to this week ahead


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