On the Mend

Thanks everyone who has sent me healing healthy vibes over the past couple of days. I am definitely starting to feel better, I guess something has just been floating around Ottawa infecting everyone these past few days. Thanks to loads of healthy fruits and vegetables and of course rest I am feeling much better and am functioning again.   But enough about that let’s talk about happier healthier topics.

I have now completed my first month of school and I am so happy that I chose to go back and learn some more.  After almost a decade out of school it has been interesting getting back into the swing of things and balancing learning with work again, but I am definitely feeling like it is worth it. If you missed the update I have re-enrolled in Holistic Nutrition program with the hopes of one day working full time in the health and wellness sector. With all my steps to bettering myself coupled with my food sensitivities it seemed like a pretty logical step.

Going back to school has sparked my enthusiasm for change and learning, I feel energized and excited to test out new things and work on myself, almost like a constant experiment.  In general I try to find my best version of myself but sometimes you need inspiration and it can be helpful to have an external source to point you in that direction.  In the end I may not agree with everything I am learning, but that is part of the fun.  Being challenged to think critically about your beliefs and what you think to be the truth is what helps us all grow as individuals.

So besides me being super motivated in my new projects, I have a little restorative stretching session to share with you.  Since Saturday I haven’t had the energy to stay on track with my regular fitness program or yoga practice, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t move at all.  I took a load of epsom salt baths with essential oils to help draw out some toxins, did loads of foam rolling, and took a few minutes to help stretch my body out and find some alignment.  It was a nice routine so I figured I would share it with you, so here it is.

You will need a yoga block or bolster and a strap.  If you don’t have a strap a towel, tie or belt will work.

restorative stretching sequence1.jpgI hope you all have a wonderful Thursday (I keep thinking it is Wednesday what a nice treat).

*Links for poses:

Reclined Hamstring Pose
Puppy Pose
Thread the Needle
Pigeon Pose – If you feel any knee pain do figure four on your back (it is called thread the needle on this webpage).
Supported Bridge Pose – I prefer no pillow behind the head I find it uncomfortable but see what works for you.
Reclined Spinal Twist I liked doing it with a straight leg and the strap looped around my foot. But choose a variation that works for you and your spine.


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