It’s Learning Time

It seems that I have signed myself up for a lot of learning the past few months.  First with my personal training certification, then yoga, and now I am gearing up for another learning venture.

Over the past, I would say 5 years now, I have been taking small tiny little baby steps towards turning my life around, and shaping into something I am excited to wake up and be a part of every morning. The next step my journey is going back to school.  I have enrolled in a year long Natural Nutrition program to become a Registered Natural Nutritionist.

d6d67dc66e3da17a24bc24805f3b7e8cOver the years food has gone from being my nemesis to an acquaintance and I am looking at turning it into a life long friend. I am excited to learn so much new information and hopefully learn how to better manage my own food intolerances, eczema, aches and pains as well as helping others to figure out what is up with them.

Orientation was exciting, terrifying and exciting.   It was a bit of an up and down of emotion. I figure after getting so comfy in my government desk job life following through with this part of the process is exciting in that I am pretty sure I will love it, but terrifying because like I said I am pretty comfortable even if I am not all that happy or excited about what I do. So I just keep telling myself that it is rare that something rewarding, satisfying and worth it comes out of your comfort zone. So here I go.

I will keep you all posted on how things are going and hopefully I will be able to bring a lot more information to you on different nutritional topics and hopefully some more tasty healthy recipes.

Happy Thursday everyone!

4 thoughts on “It’s Learning Time

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  3. I’ve had the chance to watch you go through this transformation – and it’s been really cool to see! It started with you going through all of these activities yourself… it started with yoga, lots and lots of yoga. And then you moved into Personal Training. And although you had always been very conscious about food, it wasn’t until the last year or so, that it seems that you actually figured it out.

    I think that everything you learned during each of those phases, got you excited when you saw/felt progress/improvement. But what was the most interesting from my point of view, is how you always took it one step further for your own self-improvement. For example, with food, instead of just agreeing to follow a specific food plan or guidelines… you would question it, and research it further to learn more about why it was recommended that way.

    It’s definitely scary to step out of a comfort zone to try new things, and it’s nice to see that you were able to do it step by step starting out with just a little bit of learning here, and little bit there. But i can honestly say that you are going in the right direction! You are such a natural when it comes to teaching, informing, helping, learning, etc.!

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