Weekend RoundUp

This weekend started off with a vet visit. My poor little ginger cat Morris has been having some skin issues, which looked like scratches so naturally I have been blaming the sores his little sister.  However as it turns out this cat is one of my soul-mates in that the sores weren’t caused by fighting but rather by what he was ingesting, my cat has eczema.   Turns out just like his “mom” this ginger cat has some food intolerance.  So now the fun begins, and I don’t just mean getting to give him his medicine, now we get to find out what is causing the reaction, what fun.   I think moments like these all pet owners wish their pets could speak, it would just make things so much easier.

20140210-051355.jpgOnce things cooled down from Morris coming home from the vet, his sister was back to cuddling him and making sure he was okay.

20140210-051306.jpgAfter all the commotion that was caused because of the vet visit it was back to a regularly scheduled weekend. Although because of my back it wasn’t exactly the “usual” I was still able to be there for a client’s personal training session and then it was on to Rock N’ Roll yoga in the afternoon. I found teaching the yoga class slightly challenging, seeing how I am still pretty green as a yoga teacher I do still find it easier at times to “say as I do” style teach, so it was definitely an excellent opportunity for me to work on my verbal instruction, which is always a good thing.

Saturday evening, trying to keep things on the healthier side because of my lack of exercise during the week, my husband made up a tasty, clean eating, whole wheat pasta dish for supper.  I have Tosca Reno Eat Clean Cookbook 2, and in it there are several pesto recipes all of which have a little less oil than a normal recipe and they are normally topped up extra herbs, extra veggies and other things to spice up the regular “pesto” flavours.  There is one that my husband and I just can’t get enough of, there are four or five different herbs and then the regular players (although I take out the nuts for allergy reasons).   The herbed pesto is so fresh and bright in flavour it is a nice pick me up in the middle of the last month or two of winter.

20140210-051339.jpgAfter supper my husband and I enjoyed a nice quiet evening of Mario Party. Nothing says super fun exciting night like a little Mario Party competition.   I always find it so funny how fast time seems to pass when you play games.  Before we knew it it was way past our bed times and it was time to pack it in.

20140210-051321.jpgWhen Sunday rolled around I had a couple more errands to run, some cleaning, meal prep, menu planning and all the normal things I would do to close off my weekend, followed by reading and cuddles with my sick little kitten.

The weekend was way less physically involved then a normal weekend, but my back definitely needed it and my body I am sure appreciated getting a bit of a break.  Now I am attempting to move forward and to find some exercises that will help my back out instead of slow down its progress, so should be interesting.

Looking forward to the week ahead.  Happy Monday everyone.

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