Weekend Round Up – Tools for Sticking to Goals

I often get the strong urge to throw all caution to the wind on weekends, forget my regular eating program, exercise program, yoga practice and just be lazy, watch movies and drink some wine.  Of course this very rarely happens, and I definitely do my best to fight these urges however Sunday afternoons do tend to look a lot like me sitting on the couch and watching movies or TV shows, everyone gets a rest day right?

This weekend I was having a particularly difficult time struggling with the “I don’t wanna do nothing” feeling.  So I got on the computer and pre-registered myself for some morning yoga classes.  Not only does this stop me from drinking copious amounts of wine Friday evening, it also helps to encourage me to stick to my regular schedule and to keep my promises to myself.

Over the past year and some, I have realized that I have developed little tricks and tools to make sure that I fit in my workouts and yoga practices and keep on the healthier side of things when it comes to eating.  One of these tools is an understanding attitude.  Why is this a “tool”?  Well I found that beating myself up and belittling myself for slip ups here and there were actually hindering my process and slowing me down from realizing my full potential.  It was only once I started approaching this whole health and fitness lifestyle with an accepting mind and nicer self talk that I really started realizing all of the benefits and not just the physical ones.  This particular tool is seriously tested when I am struggling with my eating, or like now struggling with an injury.  It is challenging sometimes to remember that being gentle with your body to “feel the burn”.

sticking to goals.jpgAnother tool that I use on a regular basis is my schedule.  My calendar is my map for the week, I would honestly be lost without it.  This tool becomes super important for me on the weekend because I am more likely to commit to a 90 minute yoga class at the beginning of the week than I am Saturday morning at 8 a.m. Not only does it help to have something written down to help keep me accountable but once I write it down it is like telling myself there is no backing out.  I think of it almost like I am being paid to show up to these “appointments”, and if I am being paid I can’t just back out at the last minute. I basically give my health and fitness the same priority (if not more) than my day job.  It is a commitment to myself but that doesn’t make it less important than commitments to others and my schedule is how I remind myself of this.

Now that I am all set up with my understanding and my schedule I normally employ one more tool that I have found helpful since Day 1 of making myself happier and healthier and that preparing. Getting my gym bag packed, my lunches and snacks ready, my dinners planned out for the week, etc. is really what helps everything fall into place.   I figure this way I am taking at least a couple steps out of the equation for days where I just don’t “feel like it”.  Removing excuses by preparing is probably one of the most important tools I have learnt.  I don’t need this type of motivation all the time, but on days where I really do I am happy my gym bag is packed with a water bottle, shoes, socks, my program and music and all I have to do is grab and go I am grateful it is all ready to go.

So aside from employing the above techniques to make sure I succeeded this weekend at staying relatively on track, I had a blast teaching another Rock n’ Roll yoga class Saturday afternoon, enjoyed my own yoga practice, had a great personal training session with one of my clients, and got to spend some time with a friend on Sunday doing some party planning and movie watching.   It was a great balance between busy and relaxing this weekend and I am definitely grateful for it.

Happy Monday!

How did you spend your weekend?  Did you hibernate or were you able to get out there and have some fun?

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