Weekend Round Up

This past weekend happened in what felt like the blink of an eye.   My weekend started at 3pm Friday afternoon my husband came and picked me up from work so we could get home and grab our skates as quickly as possible.   It was finally a really nice day outside (only about -8 so basically the tropics!) and the Rideau Canal was open so we figured it was probably going to be one of the best time to lace up and get our skate on.
photo 5Every winter we say we have the best intention of lacing up and getting at least one Canal skate in, unfortunately we don’t always follow threw, mostly because I am a huge baby and not a really big fan of freezing my butt off.  But I was so excited to lace up and get out there, even if it does end up being the only time we make it onto the Canal.  Anyways, the skate-way was actually in some of the best shape I have ever seen it in.  Minimal soft ice and hardly any bumpiness it was pretty glorious.  How the Canal is doing now after all the rain we got on the weekend I don’t know but Friday it was great.
photo 4After going on a 5k skate along the Canal we headed over to Starbucks to get some coffee, the adult equivalent to hot chocolate after some good old fashioned outdoor winter activities. We then headed home for some supper and relaxation.

Saturday morning started off with an early morning gym visit. I got on the road pretty early hoping there wouldn’t be too many cars out because we had been getting freezing raining for an hour or so and I figured the roads wouldn’t be so great. Besides a couple of incidents where my car didn’t so much come to a stop the drive to the gym wasn’t so bad, and I was happy to get in some gym time first thing in the morning. After I had my own session I headed over to a client’s condo for her personal training session before going home for a bit of a breather, and a quick look over my yoga class for that afternoon.

photo 1Yoga this weekend was great! I was so excited for the class. When I started planning it out I really started to get excited about teaching the class, I had been planning a bit more a powerful class but also wanted to make sure it would be fun and accessible to all levels of yogis.   Once it was all planned out I was so excited to get the class out there and to start sharing it with some students. The class was great, there was a nice sized group of yogis showed up for the class, and their energy was so positive and encouraging. The hour seemed to just totally fly by and before I knew it I had locked up the studio and headed out to do groceries.

Saturday evening was a movie night for my husband and I. We worked together to make ourselves some tasty nachos for supper and settled in for some movies and a round of skip-bo (fun card game check it out!). I really love the moments where we just get to sit down and reconnect after a week of running around. Evenings during the week can get a bit hectic sometimes so it is nice when we get to sit down and chat and just spend time together.

photo 2Sunday was spent being a little lazy and getting food ready for the week. I love Sunday food prep, it is such a small amount of work that ends up saving so much time during the work week. At the end of all of it I feel as though I have been so productive, when I really only spent maybe an hour actively preparing things, the rest of the time is spent waiting for things to finish cooking. So now my breakfasts, lunches and snacks for the week are all ready to go, which means I get an extra couple minutes of laying in bed in the morning.

Now the weekend is all but over and her comes a new week!  Hope you all had wonderful weekends.

Happy Monday!


2 thoughts on “Weekend Round Up

  1. Sounds like a super weekend! Yoga was great, the parking ticket sucked. Haha… Sounds like you are loving life and I’m loving that you’re loving it! Xo

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