2013 Reflections

Every year I say I am not going to get all sappy and nostalgic about another year passing by but then it happens. I am sitting drinking y morning green tea and I start to think back on all the amazing things that happened that year.


This year while doing my little internal reflection I made a rule of not reflecting on the negative. I sometimes find that as human beings we can get a little wrapped up in the bad things that have happened to us so this year I decided not to and to only focus on the positive. As it turns out I have so many positive things to be excited about and grateful that they happened.

This year marked the anniversary of my first year of marriage, first year of dedicated self improvement (physically, mentally, spiritually), I became a certified personal trainer, a yoga teacher and enrolled in a Natural Nutritionist program. This year was also the first (of hopefully many) years of the Gingersneezes run club, my first half marathon and of learning so many things about running, training and fueling.

2013 collage

This year has been a particularly huge year for me in the growth department and in learning to trust my own abilities. It has also been the year that I have learnt to except each struggle as a lesson for growth and development.   Although 2013 was great I am definitely excited to get into 2014 and see just what I am able to accomplish in this coming year.

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday time and have had a chance to hang out with their family and their friends. 

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