Weekend Round Up

This past weekend felt so incredibly short. My husband and I headed out to Edmonton in the middle of last week (leaving the kittens in good caring hands, don’t worry). The past few days have felt like our weekend, so let’s see what I remember.

We got in last week and arrived at my sister’s mother-in-law’s house and were immediately pampered and let me tell you it felt great, especially after just coming home from jungle living. After catching up and filling our bellies with some warm homemade soup we headed over to my dad’s to say hello and of course to pick up a much needed GPS. I don’t come back to Edmonton too often and when I left I definitely didn’t have a license so I rarely have any idea where I am going, thank goodness for technology.
20131223-072837.jpg After a quick visit with my dad we headed over to my other sister’s house to go to a winter festival with her and her step daughter. It was lots of fun, filled with ice skating, banok making, picture taking, letters to Santa and other fun family style activities.


20131223-072824.jpg Then we headed back to home base to rest up. The following day started with a father-daughter trip to the gym, Christmas supper grocery shopping with my sister and then braving the West Edmonton mall with my other sister to wrap up start our Christmas shopping. Thank goodness for my brother-in-law’s mom making sure we are fed and hydrated otherwise I would have forgotten to sit down and  nourish myself.

The following day was more hanging out with family and Christmas shopping, but yesterday was the most exciting.

Sunday my dad married a wonderful lady. The two of them together is so warming to see, they balance each other and seem to keep one another in check. Seeing them both before the wedding with obvious butterflies was so beautiful to me and I am so grateful I was able to travel to Edmonton to be present for all of it.

20131223-073539.jpgThe ceremony was lovely and short and to the point, much like my father, and the gathering of people was kept to family and close friends, which was perfect and made everything feel so intimate and welcoming. It was a treat to see my dad so happy and to know that he was marrying someone that understands he sense of humor and obviously cares greatly for him. The wedding was definitely a great addition to my holiday season.

Today is my second fakemas of the season and I can’t wait to get into the kitchen with my big sister to start whipping up a tasty healthy holiday meal for our family.

Happy Monday everyone!


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