5 weeks!

Well it has been five long super short weeks. On November 2nd I became a temporary resident of the jungle and holy was it ever an experience for me.

I have traveled but always to relatively comfortable places and often with all of the regular conveniences at my finger tips. For my first solo trip I figured a month on my own in tropical paradise would be a great start. Not that it wasn’t paradise or great, it definitely was, I just wasn’t aware that paradise was so filled with venom spitting, biting, stinging and creepy looking insects and reptiles.

20131209-210501.jpgNow that isn’t to say there weren’t some awesome lizards, iguanas, bats and monkeys that were great to see (and know they were around eating all the horrid bugs). There were also plenty of them.



(monkey photo courtesy of a fellow yogi.)

Now the monkeys were something fantastic, that I never quite got used to. The Howler monkeys specifically. They are these adorable little creatures lounging around with their little families, you know being adorable.

I kept saying “no I haven’t heard them what do they sound like” and people kept say “oh you won’t miss it”. Anyways, it turns out what I had assumed were horrific dog fight noises were actually these adorable little creatures. Basically they sound exactly like nightmares, if you have never heard them it is worth a quick trip over to YouTube to hear what I am fussing over. Well once I found out the sounds I was hearing weren’t horrific dog fights I was able to pick up on a monkey howl anywhere. Luckily I was basically up before the monkeys everyday so I was never scared awake by their bellowing howls.

Besides the abundant wildlife and vegetation living in the jungle had many other perks. Perks like 45degree temperatures everyday, wonderfully humid air,and of course the sun (something we don’t see much in the winter up here in Canada). I mean as annoying as the rain could be it was at least polite enough to be on somewhat of a schedule so you had a bit of an idea as to when it would be happening. It was in the jungle that I also unlocked the secret to my curly hair.

Seriously look at these curls!

Seriously look at these curls!

I also had the odd opportunity to learn that I can live off of substantially less food than I was used to (probably not a good thing). Re-found my love for ice coffee and chocolate protein powder, discovered I can live with bugs and not murder them, be brave and get a scorpion out of my room and discovered I have a high tolerance for large amounts of rain (granted the sun comes out and it is above 40).

Although jungle living was more, let’s say, rustic than I am used to there were many conveniences (not in the Starbucks on ever corners sense but stick with me). In Nosara I found the first ice cream shop ever in my life to not serve a single nut filled ice cream (this is where I got my calcium for the month)

20131209-212519.jpgThere was a local restaurant that served amazing and super fresh sushi! And another that had burgers served with a grilled pineapple slice I mean what more could you ask for.

Don’t worry this is just the first installment of my jungle life recap. I will do my best to hit on everything.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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