It’s Happening!

Oh god it is happening. With less than a week and a half left of my intensive 200 hour yoga teacher training at Nosara Yoga Institute and today was the day we got our first talk about preparing and leading our first yoga class.

Although I am likely prepared to get up in front of a small group of peers and was feeling pretty great about it, until we actually started to talk about it. Isn’t that always the way it is though.


This training has almost daily pushed me to my limits and then some of comfort. Which I mean is pretty much exactly what I signed up for I guess I just wasn’t able to conceive it being this challenging and intense.

So now the cards are all laid out on the table I guess it is time to throw a towel down on the beach and start working out a nice flow to share with my fellow yogis next week.

If anyone out there has a favorite mellow song that might go nicely with a 90 minute yoga class please do share any recommendations.

Happy Thursday everyone!


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