5 Things I am Grateful For

Living in Costa Rica so far has been amazing.  Everything is so green and lush and rustic.  There are so many beautiful plants and flowers and so many different colours and species of things, but with this comes the gnarly side of the jungle.  This not so beautiful and not so friendly side of the jungle is what has helped me to open my eyes and become thankful and grateful for all that I have.photo 2 (3)

For some reason coming here I figured it would be some magical tropical get away, where everything was friendly furry animals and butterflies, with beautiful warm weather and great people. I wasn’t expecting the culture shock or the fact that things I had pictured in my mind to be friendly are actually nasty little guys (caterpillars I am looking at you!)photo 1 (3)

I have been thinking it over again and again, what do I miss the most, what I am the most grateful for that maybe I hated or at least strongly disliked in the past and I have narrowed it down to a short list, and figured I would share it with you.

5 Things the Jungles has Made me Grateful For:

  1. Cold Weather.  If you have ever read this blog or been within ear shot of me I do nothing but complain about the cold the second winter hits. Well just 14 days in and I am thankful for the cold more than ever.  I love the tropical temperatures and I am even adapting to the large amounts of rain, what I am not getting used to are the nasty bugs out there.  I mean I get it is the jungle and they need to protect themselves, but why do they have to be so gross, so big and so abundant.  So yes, I am thankful for the cold managing the bug populations in Canada. photo
  2. Convenience. Oh man how I miss this and until now didn’t realize how easy we had it. I mean I was always grateful for what I have in at home and how comfortable everything is, but in that I think there was still so much I discounted as something that “should be”, like being able to just get a pack of boneless skinless chicken breast or to have a pharmacy less than an hour drive away.  It is all the small things I am now realizing that I had taken for granted.
  3. Family and friends. Now I am not saying I take them for granted, but when they are always just a quick drive or phone call away, or on the couch beside you it just falls into the category of “every day life”.  Having all my friends and family so far away really makes you stop and reflect back on how lucky you are to have them, even if they drive you nuts sometimes because they can seem to get their dishes in the dishwasher.
  4. My schedule, I am actually loving the schedule that we have going right now, it is super intense with 6-8am yoga every morning followed by two other sessions from 11am-2:30pm and 6:15pm-8:45pm, it is busy but in a relaxed kind of way.  But that being said I do miss my regular gym 3 times a week, yoga 2-3 times a week, doing some personal training, relaxing and watching TV with my husband.  It is funny how something that had me so stressed out at times is now a comforting thought. 20131108-153430.jpg
  5. And number 5 on the list is street lights. I was tempted to go for no bugs again but figured it would be a good idea to write one more thing.  I am grateful for street lights, although it doesn’t get dark as early here as it is back home, when it gets dark it gets pitch black.  It is funny how I never thought about street lights until I was walking up and down the main road with my dollar store flash light trying to make sure I don’t step on any insects, snakes or scorpions.

All of these things said, this place is still pretty magical, and such an excellent experience.  It is such an amazing opportunity to be able to live in the jungle and within another culture for a full month. To have the chance to explore and meet other people from Norway, Sweden, Trinidad, Ireland, England, Mexico, USA, Canada and all over. This experience has allowed me to open up and just see all that I have (friends, family, comfort, conveniences) and to just take an extra second to be grateful for everything, even the stinging caterpillars and scorpions.photo 3 (3)

What are you grateful for today?

2 thoughts on “5 Things I am Grateful For

  1. I’ve had a crazy busy last two weeks, but reading this blog post has really made me think about what I am grateful for.. I’ve got a few for you
    – Family and friends: Same as you. This is what keeps me balanced and sane. Could not live without this!
    – The possibility of a work-life balance: As much as I might complain about my job and how busy I am, I LOVE that 4pm comes around, and it’s home time where I can spend the time with my son. This is invaluable.
    – The high-five moments: There are just some times when you accomplish something (a great presentation at work, or an amazing leg workout with your heaviest weights), and you are just like “I ROCKED that!”, and you want to self-high-five. I think those moments are what builds your character… I am greatful that the older I get, the more of these moments I have – it just makes me feel good that when I push myself out of my comfort zone, I can still succeed.

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