First 5 Days

So apart from the exception of our evening Satsang I have just rounded up my first full “week”. I place the word week in quotations because well the week kind of never ends. We still have practice and sessions on Saturday and Sunday however there is much more free time for exploring and getting to know your classmates.
This first week has been something else. It has been a roller coaster of emotions from extreme excitement all the way back around to “dear god what have I gotten myself into?” The best part about this is that the same things that seem to be causing the excitement also trigger the nerves.

Things like I am so grateful to be practicing yoga all day and just getting to focus on my practice makes me so happy, but then it is time to put it to practice and instruct a partner and I am all of a sudden sweating more than I was while doing the actual moves.

Or having the amazig opportunity to be living in the jungle and feeling so fortunate and then remebering the scorpion that wanted in the house.

I know he is small but we don’t have these terrifying beasts in Canada.

However all of these ups and downs are helping to learn to choose how I focus on things. I could be miserable for the next month because a scorpion might present him/her self on my deck again, or I can be elated that the sun is out and I went for a run on the beach this morning in 36degree weather.

Besides the roller coaster of emotion and some of the terrifying bugs out there to date my experience has been incredible. All of the instructors that I have been lucky enough to be instructed by or to just chat with have been amazing! They are all such huge wells of knowledge and seem to want nothing more than to inform us. My classmates are great and all seem to have amazing positive attitudes and probably most importantly I am so excited to wake up every morning at 5am because I know the day is going to just be wonderful.

Due to a bit of a lack of time actual food Fridays may be few and far between but I will do my best to maintain some site consistency.

Thanks for your understanding

Happy Friday!

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