Check-In from the Jungle

So I have been living in the jungle for four days now and I have finally seen my first monkey and boy those guys pack a punch when it comes to their howl…guess that is why they are called howler monkeys.  For the longest time I thought it was some crazy monster dog sound, but nope from tiny little adorable monkeys, I don’t have a picture but I am sure I will have some more for you in the weeks to come.

So checking in, where to start, it feels like so much has happened when really I am only starting my third day of training.  It is all so overwhelming in a happy positive emotion filled kind of way.  So let’s stat somewhere simple, my little abode. I think I briefly mentioned last time that I am staying in a bachelor style casa or cabin in the jungle from what I have heard I have a pretty decent set up so that is pretty great, I mean the place is pretty perfect for me, minus the daily ant wars, but I am living in their jungle after all.

Pretty awesome view of the jungle.

Pretty awesome view of the jungle.

The on thing living in the jungle has done so far is wonders on my cleaning skills. Instead of leaving stuff to “soak” or “getting to it later” the abundance of so many different types of creepy crawlies has definitely made sure that all dishes are washed right away and I sweep the house at least 3 times a day, and the deck once.  Otherwise it seems that the ant population gets a bit nutty, and several of the species are bitters.  But enough about the bugs or I will start envisioning them crawling all over me.

Training has been pretty amazing, it is a lot but it is a lot in a great way.  Every morning starts out at 6am with 2 hours of yoga with meditation followed by a little break for some breakfast.  The afternoon is then broken up into an early and late session.  These sessions are a combination of learning, hands on assists and more yoga. I think in a day I do about 5ish hours of yoga.

photo 3 (2)

The one thing I have noticed is my back muscles are definitely not used to sitting up right all day long and most of the students are having similar back “sensations”, if you will. I am hoping that by the end of the week my back is just so used to it that it doesn’t matter anymore.

photo 1 (2)

Aside from all the yoga a lot of time has been spent at the beach and wondering around and meeting my class mates.   The beach is just amazing.  It isn’t the typical built up full of sun chairs beach, it is definitely a local beach where surfing is the main activity.  At low tide it will be great for a morning run, and at high tide it seems to be excellent for surfing and playing the waves.  Although I am more of a pool person (I like knowing what is in the water with me)  I do love hearing the waves crashing and I am always game for heading down to the beach to watch others surf and have a blast.

photo 2 (2)

Well I should do some course reading and maybe even squeeze a nap in there before heading off to class again for the rest of the afternoon.  Hope everything is well in your part of the world.

Happy Wednesday! (I totally thought it was Tuesday)

4 thoughts on “Check-In from the Jungle

  1. Love the pictures!!! and your “pad” is adorable (minus the ants of course!) The room where you do your yoga seems quite spacious and (sorry but) I get slightly bitter when I see the waves and the beach……xo

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