Little Home in the Jungle

So I have made it to Costa Rica and I am in the process of getting settled into my little home for the next month.


On the 2 hour drive from the airport to Nosara we had an amazing driver who pretty much doubled as a tour guide. I learnt that there orange iguanas and try are massive. They basically look like tiger lizards, I still hadn’t unpacked my camera so unfortunately this is the best shot I have of one of them.
20131103-081217.jpgThe tiny beach community just down the street from my little cabin is great, there a bunch of little shops, restaurants and tourist adventure shops.

Down the road about a 10 minute walk is the Nosara Yoga Institute where I will be spending most of my time over the next month and it is a beautiful space. I will bring you some photos when I get a chance.

Now I am waiting for the rain to pass so I can get out and go on a bit of a walk.

Just a heads up my posts likely won’t be up on a regular basis but whenever I have a chance I will sit down to write an account of my happenings here.

Happy Sunday everyone


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