Finally Here

At times it felt like this moment would never come.  After over a year of waiting, planning and saving today marks my last day of work before I start to get serious about my upcoming adventure.  I haven’t talked about it much since I announced signing up for Yoga Teacher Training back in February, not because I am not spilling over with excitement but rather because I have been so per-occupied with other endeavors (Personal Training Certification, Run Club, etc).   Now with everything else out of the way I feel like I am going to burst with a mix of excitement and nerves.
yoga CollageI have started a small collection of items I require for my travels on our dinning room table and I get butterflies every time I walk by and see my mini stock pile of items. Nervous excitement seems like the best way to explain how I am feeling about my trip.

This adventure will be the first time I am away from Canada for as long as I will be, and it will also be the first time I travel for an extended period of time on my own and instead of meeting up with friends I will be meeting up with strangers. It is a whole bunch of new and firsts for me and I am just so curious to see how it all works out.

UntitledIt will be nice waking up Sunday morning to warm temperatures and sun as opposed to this mornings snow and below zero temperatures. I can’t wait to bring you some sunny blog posts and to keep you all up to date on how things are going at yoga school. So stay tuned.

Happy Wednesday!

3 thoughts on “Finally Here

  1. I think that everyone will agree that we are all VERY excited for your upcoming adventure!!! It has been great to see you realizing your potential and your passion with health and fitness and motivating others over the past few years. I think that your blog has helped you push forward all of this passion for this area even more! When you announced in February that you were going to do the YTT, I think many of us were not surprised as it seemed to be the natural progression for your next step in this journey! I am happy to see that you took that next step! Looking forward to the next few exciting blog posts!!!

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