50 Days – Oh my goodness

Oh my goodness! I missed it!  Yesterday marked the 50th day of V.2.0 Clean Eating challenge, I can’t believe I blanked on it, I was just so excited to post about my year anniversary that I forgot about all the hard work everyone has been putting in to cleaning up their nutrition over the past 50 days.

last dayNow that the 50 day challenge is complete I am hoping that you all have a tool kit full of different tricks, tips and methods to clean up the foods that you are feeding yourself and your family.  Hopefully you have found some things that make your life easier and make eating natural whole foods a happy addition to your every day life.

Now that the challenge is over I strongly recommend you do something to reward yourself.  Go on a hike in the mountains (with all the different fall colours it would be beautiful), try rock climbing (if you aren’t terrified of heights, even then give it a go), get that new pair of yoga pants you have been eyeing, or cook a delicious meal with your family.   Do something for you and make sure it feels like a congratulations for all of your hard work you definitely deserve it.

It is also at this time that I recommend you put pen to paper and outline the things you loved about this challenge and the things you could definitely do without.  Figure out a way to incorporate the things you like into your every day life you have been working on them for 50 days there is no need to throw them to the side just because the challenge is done.   As for the things you didn’t like so much, explore what you didn’t like about them? Did it feel too restrictive not having that class of wine on Friday nights? Would a treat meal every week be more pleasurable to 3 times in 50 days?  What is it that you didn’t like and how could you make it work for you.

Once you have written all of these things down I strongly encourage you to incorporate them into your life, it might take a bit at the beginning because there is no challenge to motivate you to stay on course but eventually if you stick to it some of the things on your list will become nothing more than an after thought to your regular day to day routine.

Thank you again for participating in the second round of the clean eating challenge and I really hope you all had a great time doing it and learnt a lot.

Happy Thursday everyone.


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