Weekend Round-Up

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my Canadian friends out there. I hope you are all enjoying some turkey, or whatever meal you have going, with some family or friends or both!

Today I am super thankful for an extra day off of rest. Yesterday marked my very first half marathon and it was pretty decent (I will do a race round up later in the week) so my legs are a little zonked today. But let me get back to the rest of my weekend.

Earlier this week a dear friend of mind turned 30 so Saturday we all headed out for a bit to wish her a happy birthday and celebrate her. It was great getting to see her surrounded by family and friends all showering her with love. I wasn’t able to stay too late because I needed to get up bright and early the next morning.

20131014-105159.jpgSunday morning started super early with a quick trip to the farmers market before heading out of town to line up for my first half marathon. Susan and I had been toying with the idea of running one and once we were presented with the opportunity to participate in this fall run we didn’t want to pass up the chance.

The race itself was pretty poorly planned out and a little frustrating but I would prefer to focus on my accomplishment instead of the pre-race frustrations.

Now I am going to get some foam rolling done so hopefully I will be walking like a normal person tomorrow.

Rest up everyone and enjoy this extra day off work if you were lucky enough to get it.

Happy Monday!


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