Clean Eating V.2.0 – Ups and Downs

So the clean eating challenge has been going strong and you are almost done, just a day shy of two weeks away from Day 50.  I hope you are all feeling great, renewed, and energized.

The past couple of weeks my clean eating challenge with myself hasn’t been the greatest, so I figured I would take a minute to address it.   Seeing how I use this blog to keep myself accountable and honest with what I am telling myself in my head I am going to use this post as a bit of a check and balance in regards to my indulging.

Now I may have set this up for most of you to think I have fallen off the deep end and I have completely binged out on junk food, soda pop and a river of alcohol but that is not the case (thank goodness!).  I have just been pretty lazy when it comes to meal planning and preparation.  I mean this week I nailed it but last week was a bit of a disaster, a lot of meals were just thrown together, not enough protein, not enough vegetables, too many carbohydrates that type of deal. So far during Clean Eating V.2.0 I have definitely gone over my 3 treat days/meals but I guess that was part of my process this time around.

successWhen I entered Challenge V.2.0 I had the mind set that I would use this challenge to “keep my eyes on the prize” for the lack of a better expression.  I wanted to keep up the momentum I had built in the summer and transfer it to the fall months.  I struggle with naturally picking the “healthier” option the once the temperatures start to drop, I naturally gravitate to carbohydrate rich foods with a ridiculous salt content.  Although I haven’t been sticking to the letter of the “law” (so to speak) the challenge has definitely been a success when it comes to encouraging me to make more positive healthy choices, they just haven’t been as consistent as I would have liked.

With 15 days left of the challenge the countdown is on and I have given myself an extra push to recommit myself to my goal.  I have two more treats (Thanksgiving and a trip to Montreal) coming up that I am definitely allowing myself to eat what I would like because when it comes down to it restricting myself on those occasions would be more negative than positive.  The point of this challenge is to encourage you (and me) to make healthy positive choices and to think about why we make the food choices we do, it is not to make you feel crazy, deprived, depressed or starved.

I hope that you are all doing much better at this challenge than I am, but if you are having a bit of a struggle with consistency or other aspects just know that all of those bumps are a part of your journey.  You are meant to learn something from each of the struggles you encounter, not only in this challenge but in life.  Don’t beat yourself up about intead look for your lesson and apply what you have learnt to your process and keep moving forward.

Happy Wednesday everyone!


2 thoughts on “Clean Eating V.2.0 – Ups and Downs

  1. I have also been struggling with the Challenge this time around… The first version, felt tought at times, but overall, it was still great! This time, I don’t know if it’s the cold that knocked me down for the last 1.5 weeks, or if it is the crazy busy weeks i’ve been having, but it’s been tough to sticking to some of the rules as well…

    But the one thing I have noticed in V2.0, is how much of the clean habits I have adapted! A few weeks ago, I made a Clean Lasagna (for my brother in law’s pre-half marathon dinner)!!! And the best part of that… is that I didn’t even notice I was doing it until it was in the oven! There are definitely some things that I am finding much more natural this time around.

    So even though v2.0 isn’t as ‘by the books’ as I had hoped it would be, I am happy that it has helped me notice that my Clean habits have continued from v1.0!

    • I am so happy to hear you have noticed a bunch of positive changes even if you aren’t sticking to the rules as closely as the first round. Maybe give it one last go for the last 15 days 🙂

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