Let’s Drop the Beet – 10 Benefits to Eating Beets

I have been pretty inconsistent when it has come to food Fridays for the last little while. Unfortunately I don’t really have an excuse for it other than I have been busy, but aren’t we all.

So I made a point of starting the research for this one early to make sure I wouldn’t abandon all of my lovely readers for another week.   I figured with it being officially fall and all the root veggies and squashes coming into season I would pick something from this “fall” category to highlight.

This time of the year the Farmers market is bursting with all types of vegetables and one of my favorites is beets, especially when I can nab some golden or double coloured ones.  So I figured I would give a bit of a run down on why beets are so amazing, besides because they are delicious.


  1. Beets are high in carbohydrates that your body can easily turn into energy to keep you fueled for your long busy days, gym sessions, runs and rigorous yoga classes.
  2. Beets are packed full of folic acid.  This is important to everyone as folic acid contributes to the growth of new cells but it is in particularly important to all my friends out there making their families.  Folic acid is super important to the whole developing a baby thing so most people take a supplement, but with an adequate supply of beets to your diet the supplement isn’t really necessary.
  3. Beets are packed with so many different minerals and vitamins it is hard to say anything bad about them.  Beets are full of calcium, phosphorus, iron, fiber, vitamin A and C, niacin and the list seriously just keeps going on and on.
  4. Beets are cleansing.  Beets have properties which will help you to clean up that liver of yours after a summer of beer and over indulgence, it might be a good idea to up your intake and do an internal cleaning up.
  5. Even their leaves are good for you. When it comes to the beet nothing needs to go to waste. Beet greens are filled with vitamin A, C and K and they are so easy to cook up or to include in your juicing process.
  6. The ancient Roman’s used them as an aphrodisiac.  Beets have a high level of boron which has been associated with the production of sex hormones in humans, so if you are looking at spicing it up cook up some healthy beets.
  7. Great complex carbohydrate for weight loss. Not only are beets extremely sweet which helps curb your appetite for pastries and candies, they are also pretty low in calories, weighing in at 60 calories for 1 cup of cooked beets.
  8. Beets are packed with anti-oxidants which means they are helpful at; controlling inflammation, reducing free radical damage, protecting against cancer, heart disease and at keeping you wrinkle free.
  9. Beets are good for your mind as much as your body. They are full of betalains (used in treatments of depression) and tryptophan (helps to relax) this combo helps to keep you happy and relaxed, perfect for the end of summer blues.
  10. Helps to reduce the risk of osteoporosis.   Sure you are eating your calcium rich foods, but beets contain the mineral silica which helps your body to absorb the all powerful calcium to keep your bones strong for years to come.

If these 10 reasons aren’t enough to get you to buy a bunch of beets on your next shopping trip I am not sure what is.

Happy Friday Everyone!

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