Harsh Reality

Today waking up with an itch in my throat and a lovely cough I started to come to the harsh reality that I am not able to do EVERYTHING.  With my yoga teacher training around the corner, my Personal Trainer certification exam just a couple of weeks away, our annual feast, visits with friends and family, a half marathon and Thanksgiving I am starting to realize I have forgotten something very important.  I have forgotten to take care of myself.
Mule SNoutI have mentioned in the past that my slightly stubborn nature encourages me to take on as much as my crazy mind thinks I can possibly take on. I try my best to balance things out but I really just never want to disappoint. I don’t want to disappoint myself by missing my own gym session or yoga classes, and I don’t want to disappoint others by not showing up for my group runs or missing my gym sessions (seeing how I share all of that with all of you on here).

I think a lot of us suffer from this affliction of trying to please everyone and trying to do everything even though it is not necessarily the best thing for us. I mean yes it is life and yes it gets crazy sometimes but that doesn’t mean we aren’t allowed to step back for a second and ask ourselves what is important to us, and re-prioritize what we are willing and able to put on our plate.

Much like creating a new healthy habit sometimes it takes a lot of little steps before we are finally be able to make one big step.   Blogging here has helped me to understand that when it comes to prioritizing what is really important to me and what really needs to get done I need to take the tiniest of steps otherwise my stubbornness takes over and I will attempt to do it all.

I do definitely try to take my own advice when it comes to stress and time management however I am not always 100% successful. One of the main steps I have made has been to ensure everything I do is written down. Without my trusty calendar I would not only be double and triple booked I wouldn’t have a clue where I was going from one moment to the next. The one thing I seemed to have epicly fail is my scheduled downtime.   I might put it in there every now and again but if something anything is to come up, that “me” time will get tossed aside in favour of “coming through”  for something or someone else.
whoIwanttobeSo much like I have done in the past I am setting some goals for myself to keep me on track and to be accountable to myself. So the three goals I am going to focus on until I head off to Costa Rica are going to be as follows:

  1. Say NO when I don’t really want to do something or when I really should be taking a break.
  2. Make my down time as big a priority as my gym, yoga and running times.
  3. Breath and go on a walk when I am feeling stressed.

Thank you for listening to my little venting session. Hopefully I am not alone out there and some of you can relate to the stresses of everyday life and feeling overwhelmed every now and again (even if it is mostly our own doing). Even if you are a pro at time and stress management I still feel it is important to take a step back every once and awhile and make sure you are still devoting time to things that are really important and mean something to you.

Do you have any goals for the next couple months?  They don’t have to be related to healthy and fitness they can just be life goals.  Give yourself something to aim for and do your best to become the best you you can be.

Happy sappy Wednesdays! 


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