Week 2 of V.2.0 – Building Stronger Arms

Hey Challengers! you have made it through the first quarter of your 50 days!  That is two weekends under your belt and a whole 14 days, you are hopefully feeling like you are really starting to get a good handle on all of this clean eating and meal prep business.  It is likely starting to feel a bit easier to make healthy choices instead of caving into cravings, mostly because you are probably aren’t craving things like refined sugar and white bread anymore.

Now that you are filling your bellies with healthful foods, full of vitamins and minerals you are probably bursting with energy! And if you were lucky enough you probably escaped the dreaded change of season cold (I wasn’t so lucky but hopefully all of you were). Because you have all of this energy I figured it would be a great time to make share a little at home arm workout with you.

I wanted to make something that was a nice balance between cardio and strength and with a main focus on your arms.  Arm workouts tend to be something I neglect on this blog, I am a sucker for a good leg workout so when I am making myself a circuit or a HIIT I end up loading them up with leg stuff over arms.  I probably do this because my arms are weak beans compared to the horse strength in my legs, but I digress.

So if you only have 20 minutes and you want to get your heart beating fast give the building block arm workout a shot.

Building Block Arms

I have added this video incase some people are wondering what a plank with alternating shoulder taps are.  If you need to take it down a notch try just holding a full plank for 50 seconds or if you still want to try the tap drop to your knees.  Make this workout work for you.

Let me know how you found this workout. Would you like more arm workouts?  What other types of things would you like to see?

Happy Wednesday Everyone! 


***I have been notified of some typos in the workout…it is side planks not plans and it is frontal and lateral raises not later raises, sorry for the confusion***


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