Weekend Round Up

This past weekend was a blast although I had been feeling a little under the weather I was happy my body was able to hold it together for two super fun events.

Friday evening was a local yoga studio’s first Vino and Vinyasa. This particular studio is a hot yoga studio so my workout buddy Susan and I were definitely interested in seeing how things would pan out.

The class was incredible and super challenging. Seeing how the whole class was hunkering down for a glass of wine and some cheese afterwards the instructor was sure to make us work for it. The class was an excellent mix of challenge and relaxation and I came out of it feeling completely blissed out.

It was a nice change getting to stick around the studio and meeting the studio manager, the instructor and other patrons. It felt like I was having the most relaxing night out on the town ever. If anyone is looking for something that includes sweating up a storm and a glass of wine at the end I strongly recommend checking to see if a yoga studio near you offers something like this.


After yoga we headed home to be sure to get some rest for Saturday’s fun packed day. Friend’s of my husband and I were getting married!!! It is always so much fun to see how the couples put there own flare to things and this wedding was definitely no exception.

The ceremony was beautiful and heart warming and everyone looked absolutely stunning especially the Bride (who I wish I had snuck more photos of). The night was a great time filled with happiness and celebration, it was a great way to start off a marriage that is for sure.


The weekend ended with the regular trip to the farmers market and then some much needed resting. It was definitely a wonderful weekend and I was sad to see this one go.

Happy Monday everyone I hope you all had amazing weekends too!

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