Weekend Round Up

I had a great weekend this past weekend, but I mean quite honestly I rarely have a weekend that isn’t a least a little great. I hope your first weekend of Challenge V.2.0 wasn’t too challenging. If this is your second round of the Clean Eating Challenge it probably wasn’t that tough, however if this is your first go at something like this abstaining from a glass of wine or two or three may have been a bit difficult, but hopefully you were able to stick with it and you didn’t have to use one of your treats or “cheats”.

This weekend I had the opportunity to volunteer at my gym’s first year anniversary party. I have been a member at many a gym but this one is special. It’s a smaller feel and the great community of clients and trainers makes it a very welcoming environment for anyone from athletes to someone looking at getting into shape like me. It was great to be a part of the day and have the opportunity to speak to other clients, watch the trainers compete against each other and play a load of games.

epic partyAfter the excitement of the party I was ready for some rest and settled into a nice relaxing evening of movie watching with my husband and I was sure to get to bed a little early for a early Sunday morning bike ride with Susan.

Last week I rolled my ankle which has thrown a bit of a wrench into the half marathon training schedule so Susan and I decided to map out a long bike ride to at least simulate a 10-12k run. We incorporate it into our regular visit to the farmer’s market so we could take care of two birds with one stone.

Seeing how we like to get to the market early we met up at 8am and geared up for our 22k bike ride along the Rideau Canal. Besides being ridiculously chilly out in the morning it was a beautiful day for a bike ride, and would have been a perfect morning for a long run. About 18k into our bike ride we stopped at the farmer’s market to stock up on vegetables and local organic meats before hopping back on our bikes to finish up our ride.

UntitledOnce all the groceries had been put away and I consumed a large piping hot cup of tea to warm up from the cold ride it was time to head out again to finish up some errands. I headed over to Lululemon to get a pair of cold weather full length running pants, I had been on the fence about getting them but the bike ride sure changed my mind!

lulupantsThen it was off to Rona to get a new BBQ. Our BBQ has lived a pretty decent life but this past summer was definitely its last. Unfortunately for rust had attacked it and won the battle when the bottom crumbled and fell off leaving no protective layer between the propane tank and the flames, so we figured for safety reasons it would be best to buy a new BBQ.

It was nice to have a bit more down time than usual and to just get to spend some quality time with my husband so it was a nice way to wrap up the weekend. Now we are back to Monday and back to our regularly scheduled lives. I hope you all had wonderful weekends filled with activity, friends, family and fun!

Happy Monday!

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