Fall into Good Habits

The season of short shorts, sundresses and bathing suits might be coming to an end but that doesn’t mean we should stop challenging ourselves to achieve our health and fitness goals. With the weather cooling off and because of several requests from readers, I thought it might be a good idea to try another clean eating challenge and to focus a bit more on food prep this time around. Let’s call it Clean Eating V.2.0.


Seeing that I have outlined the rules and regulations of the clean eating challenge in the past I am not going to go over them all again, so please for more information click back to check them out in more detail and of course if you have any questions please let me know.

_DSC0141As mentioned above I am going to try and have more of a focus on food prep, different tips and hints to staying on track and ideas on how to clean up what you are eating. I will do my best to document my food prep and what I do to make my week easier and more manageable for me.

With the summer months over and all of the patio hoping, fun nights out, s’mores during your camping trips and various other delicious indulgences that come with the summer September is a great time to start fresh and start it healthy. I really hope you decide to take on this challenge, and if you did our first one I hope you join again and bring a friend in with you. Let me know if you are joining by commenting below and/or by joining our Facebook community so you can share how you are keeping your diet clean and whatever else you are doing to stay healthy and active as the months cool down.

So without further ado please say hello to day one of the Clean Eating Challenge.


Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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