Furthering my Education

Over the past couple of months I have been doing my best to work towards my physical goals. Pushing myself to work on a faster mile, on doing an unassisted headstand, and increasing the weights I am able to lift when I started to realize that I had been neglecting my brain a bit.

Of course I read articles and books and pay attention to the news. I brush up on different nutritional and exercise tidbits and I am slowly making my way through the piles of magazines and books I have sitting on my coffee table, but in all honestly learning has kind of fallen to the sidelines the more summer has progressed. So I decided A) it was time to pick up a book and finish it B) it was time to finish my runners magazine from June! and C) it was time to sign up for a course.
weightloss CollageFor a while now I have been bouncing back and forth with the idea of pursuing my certification for personal training because it is something that interests me, and I have gotten some pretty great encouragement to go for it from my running group and my personal trainer so I finally did it. I am sure to some of you out there it doesn’t seem like a huge step but I tend to shy away from things that will likely involve team learning, I am a serious solo learner so doing team style learning is a serious step outside of my comfort zone (hence my back and forth on signing up).

When I started working with a personal trainer one of my main goals was obviously to get into great shape and lean out, but the other major goal was to learn. I wanted to learn about how things worked, how to properly target muscles and how to motivate myself. After 6 “full-time” months of training with Alannah and now almost 5 months of “part-time” training I can honestly say I have learnt an incredible amount. Having learnt so many new things,like your butt is made up of three muscles – maximus, minimum and medius, I have become all the more curious.

My other motivating factor has been the Gingersneezes Run Club, I mean learning can only help me be a better leader and can only help to encourage stronger runners out of the members so really it is a win win situation.

CanFitPro-Logo1My course is through Can-Fit Pro and doesn’t start until the end of September but there is an online component and they send your books basically right away so I have cracked them open and started reading. I am excited to get a bit more knowledge on human anatomy and I think it will be really great prep for my yoga teacher training in November so I am all jazzed up for it.

So there you have it my big news for now. What types of goals have you been setting for yourself? and what types of steps have you been taking to reach your goals? I would love to hear from you!

Happy Wednesday!


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