Weekend Update – A day late

Yesterday was technically a part of my weekend, and I had decided I would give myself the day off of blogging to just relax, clean, bike, and relax before revving up to start the week again.

This weekend was great! It started off with my husband and I heading over to MEC to get my a massive backpack for my upcoming trip to Costa Rica for yoga teacher training. I have been eyeballing this bag for a while now, and just finally caved and went and got it. I am so in love with it. It is massive so more than enough room for all of my things, plus it has a cute little day bag that I can pack up and bring with me to the beach. It was definitely a great purchase.

photo 1

Then on Saturday we wrangled up a group of friends and I went over to my parent’s place for the afternoon. The weather was friendly and held out so we could all go for a dip in the pool. Once we were all pooled out we started up our potluck style BBQ and began getting ready for a late night bonfire. It was so nice and relaxing and the rain held off so we could all have a great time too.
photo 2


Sunday was spent driving back to the city, a visit to the farmer’s market to fill up on some fruit, veggies and meat for the week, and some movie watching. Then we were lucky enough for it to be a long weekend so I got an extra day of sleeping in and it was glorious.

Instead of having our regular run club in the evening, we shifted the time to get our run in nice and early. This week Susan and I introduced the group to some sprint intervals and as brutal as they can be to run, once everyone had a chance to catch the breath I think they were all pretty happy with how it turned out, and the fact that the whole workout only took 25 minutes. I will definitely be introducing some more sprint training into our regular program.

Now I am hooked back into the office, and ready to work a super short week before another exciting adventure of a weekend, but those stories are for next Monday.

I hope you have all had a great weekend! Happy Tuesday.

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