Weekend Recap and Star Wars

So this past weekend was the first weekend in quite some time that my husband and I weren’t traveling somewhere and boy was I excited to do that. It has been great going around visiting and having some time out of town but it was definitely nice to just take a break from all the driving and catch up on some house work and visits with friends in town.

star wars 1 Collage

A couple months ago the Museum of Aviation started the Star Wars exhibit. It is an exhibit that started in Montreal and has been touring around using the topic of Star Wars to dive into how individual identities are made, and I have got to say it was way more interesting than I could have imagined. I am not all that “nerdy” of a person in general (at least I like to think I am super cool) but when it comes to Star Wars I nerd right out, need I remind everyone of my wedding cake toppers.

star wars 2 Collage

star wars 3 Collage

So the exhibit was great, and I strongly recommend it to anyone in the Ottawa area or if it comes your way. They really thought of everything and made it interactive by getting each visitor to make their own Star Wars identity and then emailing you a run down of your character once you had completed the exhibit. It was a lot of fun and made going home and watching some Star Wars even more exciting.

star wars 4 Collage

To finish off the weekend I was up early on Sunday to meet up with my girlfriend and head over to the Farmers Market as is our Sunday ritual. Right now the market is just bursting with all sorts of food, it is so great seeing how I basically don’t need to go to the grocery store and I can buy all of my produce, meats and dairy from the farmers themselves and it just feels so great.


I hope you all had great weekends and happy Monday!


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