Since the end of the 50 day challenge my eating habits have been hit and miss. I find it a bit tricky at times to self regulate when there aren’t definite parameters around what I should and should not be eating. However, even though my eating has become much more relaxed, compared to the challenge at least, I have managed to stick to the goals I had set out for myself. I am allowing for treats and keeping them as treats instead of daily snacks, I am staying active, learning from my set backs, and remaining positive instead of beating myself up when I might over indulge.


Although I think my maintenance and clean eating routine has been going pretty great I find it helpful to have mini goals and challenges for myself. So as a bit of a challenge and motivation to stay on track I have been attempting to make at least one recipe from my Eat Clean cookbook every week. I have found that although the recipes seem a little overwhelming at first (there is a long list of ingredients a lot of the time) they end up being so easy to toss together. The list of ingredients ends up looking never ending because of all the herbs and spices that end up going into a dish but in the end nothing (except maybe the BBQ sauce) has taken me more than 30 minutes to throw together.

Keeping with my goal of trying to introduce new clean recipes into my weekly meal prep last night I whipped up some scallops with pesto quinoa and grilled garlic scapes (or garlic spears). Being someone who is allergic to nuts I have actually never had pesto for fear that it was made with nuts, but because I was making it at home I subbed the nuts for some raw pumpkin seeds. Taking fresh basil from my basil plant, mint from a friends garden and the rest of the herbs from the grocery store, the pesto was a great addition to a light and flavourful meal.

Finding fresh and flavourful meals helps to keep me motivated and focused on my personal fitness and health goals. Having variety in what I am eating keeps me interested, and I find it rewarding to have a tasty reminders that healthy food is also tasty food. Is this something you do to keep yourself focused on your personal goals?

On top of testing out delicious new foods I have also to date managed to keep my promise in regards to making fun workouts for everyone. I had been browsing my Workin’ It section and found that the arm portion was definitely lacking so I started testing out various combinations to make a great sweaty workout to share. I think I came up with a great combo, at least my shoulders and triceps were killing me the next day so you know that means it was working!


There are two moves I would like to focus on: the falling push-up and bridge with a press. These are moves that I haven’t included in a workout in the past and feel like some explanation might be needed so I have included some videos of what the moves look like below.

Falling Push-Up

Bridge with Press:

I hope these videos help and I hope you love this workout, I had a pretty fun time creating it. Please let me know if you have any requests for the next Gingersneeze workout I would love to work on something for you.

Happy Wednesday everyone!


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