Canada Day Recap

Oh goodness a wordpress glitch. This was supposed to post yesterday. Luckily that just means you get two posts today.

Tuesday I decided to take a day off from looking at a computer screen and figured I would do my Canada day update today Tuesday. It was actually pretty refreshing to get away from looking at the glow of a computer screen even if only for one day.

Canada day was a great day. It started off with a run club meet at 9:30am. I personally really enjoy getting in a run or some type of physical activity before a day or event that I know I will be letting my hair down a bit more. It makes me feel better about indulging a little bit and gives me a nice boost of energy for the rest of the day.

After the run I headed home to help my husband set up for our BBQ. There were about 12-14 people coming and going throughout the day and tons of tasty treats for everyone to indulge in. Some healthy, some not so healthy, but it was a celebration after all.


After missing one year of BBQ hosting on Canada day due to our honeymoon last year, we decided that it would be fun to go all out with the party prep. We headed on over to our local party supply store and just went nuts picking out anything that fell within the parameters of “red and white stuff”. Having all of the decorations and so much red and white definitely made the whole BBQ feel much more festive.

canadabeaverOnce our guests started to show up, the little ones definitely stole the show in all of their miniature red and white outfits.


After supper, dessert and some more mingling the little ones had had their fill for the day and were all ready for some R&R. Those of us who were left waited for it to get dark to head on down to see some fireworks. On Canada day the best part about living downtown would likely be the fact that there are so many places other than directly on Parliament hill that you can see the fireworks without feeling completely claustrophobic, and they are all just a short walk away from my front door.


We saw some fireworks, played with some sparklers, mingled with friend and ate delicious food. I think all in all it was a pretty great day. Now it is time to get back on that horse and to start filling myself with healthful nutritious foods and top that off with some good old fashioned physical activity.

Speaking of physical activity check in on the blog tomorrow later this afternoon! I will be posting a new butt kicking cardio and core workout. It takes less than 30 minutes and it really helps you to get your sweat on.

I hope you have all had a great Canada day and are settling back into regular life.

Happy Wednesday!


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