Weekend Update

Happy Canada Day everyone!  I hope unlike me you have all had a bit of a chance to sleep in and catch up on some rest. My internal clock can be a bit of a jerk sometimes and had me up at 6:30 AM this morning, which I guess in fairness is sleeping-in compared to a regular Monday morning.  But enough whining.

This weekend ended up mostly being running around and preparing for a Canada day BBQ. However Friday evening my husband and I were able to take a bit of a break to head out to supper with my mom and step dad at the Mill Street brew Pub.
mill-st-brewpub-550x366The boys had a good time testing out the different beers and seasonal ales that were on tap while looking for their favorite one.  It is times like these that I miss beer, but then I remember the congestion and headache that come with it and figure it just isn’t worth it.  After dinner with the parents we came back home and did a quick run through of what we would need for Canada day before plopping ourselves on the couch to watch some movies after a long week.

Saturday I was up bright and early for leg day and strangely enough was dreading it. This is strange because you see I actually love leg day, but my knee has been bothering me lately, likely due to humidity so I was more concerned than excited to get in a stellar leg day.  I did what I could without going crazy and then ended up calling it a day and cancelling my afternoon run with Susan, as to not aggravate it any further. After the gym I headed home to start cleaning up the house. I broke up the cleaning with some really bad TV and a nice super long phone date with my big sister.

Sunday started off pretty much as normal with a trip to the Farmer’s Market however we skipped out on our run this weekend because of my knee and  a schedule change with run club. After the Farmer’s Market we went and hit up a local health food store for a couple more groceries and some coconut water (for a beverage I am going to attempt to make today).  Once my husband woke up I suggested running some errands on our bikes to get some exercise in for the day and to make it more fun than having to deal with the tourist clogged streets of Ottawa on Canada day weekend. So we biked around got our errands done and came home to start making the salads and side dishes for the BBQ.

Now it is Canada day and I am excited to sit back and spend the day on our deck with some friends and have some BBQ.

Anyways time to start getting ready for a run, so I hope you all have something planned today. Remember to stay safe and have fun.

Happy Monday, I hope you are all enjoying your day off and are getting some time in the sun. 

** Stay tuned a little later on this week I will be sharing with you a great core workout! I am so excited to share it with you because it totally kicked my butt you are all going to love it!


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