Motivational Wednesday

This week I figured I would try something a bit different than my regular posts. I figured seeing how some of us are now in the adjustment stage of putting into practice all the things we learnt during the 50 day challenge it might be a good idea just to post some inspirational/ motivational things to help keep you all geared up and excited to continue making happy and healthy life choices.

After coming up with this idea I started going through all of my saved images, pinned images and just the general internet in hopes of sharing some of my favorite inspirational messages.

I personally like to either print these out or make them my background screen on my phone or computer. I find that putting them in a highly visible place can help give me an extra burst of positivity and encouragement when I am feeling grumpy, discouraged, annoyed, frustrated, or any of those other negative get you down in the dumps type of feelings.

We do run run


We do run run





I hope some of these images and quotes help to pump you up and keep you moving and making healthy food choices. Maybe for a bit of extra motivation try what I do, save one of these to the back drop of your phone, computer, tablet or go old school and print it out and stick them on your fridge or on a real life inspiration board. Pick something that speaks to you and make it your mantra for the next couple of weeks to remind yourself to keep going and to keep putting in 100%, you are worth it.

Happy Wednesday!

* Also just a little side note. I have updated the Eats tab. I am hoping to organize them a bit better so it is easier for everyone to find what they are looking for. I have also added some categories to help encourage me to provide you all with more options. Hope you enjoy.


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