Let’s Get Stable


Well folks the challenge is almost over. I for one cannot believe how fast it has gone by and really how simple and easy it has been to stick to. I mean I wasn’t expecting it to be the hardest thing on the planet but no drinks on sunny patios can feel a little daunting at first especially right as the weather is starting to turn gorgeous out.

One unexpected thing that I discovered  from the challenge was that I seemed to have more time on my hands. Perhaps it is because I spent more time preparing meals or putting more thought into what was going to be eaten from day to day but it seriously took the edge off the age old question of “what’s for dinner?” Having an answer to this question freed up time for me to do some ready every day after work, to practice yoga a bit more and to go out running on a regular basis again. These are definitely some added perks I am looking forward to continuing once the challenge has come to an end.

The other thing it has allowed me to do is to get back to work at creating quick home workouts to share with all of you. Something I have enjoyed doing in the past but have been pretty sporadic about because I just never felt like I had the time to do it properly. I am hoping that my streak  of being super productive continues after the 50 day challenge ends and that I am able to continue using my time wisely so I can get back to making challenging home workouts regularly.

This week I have made a little gem to share with you inspired by my weak ankles.  With the help of my trainer I have opened my eyes up to the wonder of single leg exercises.  I have learnt that the single legged workouts are where it is at when it comes to building some stability. Of course the bosu ball is an awesome tool to throw into the workout, but doing exercises on one leg is definitely more challenging than you think it may be.

So I have taken some of my rehab moves, some strength moves and a dash of cardio to make a great 35 minute workout.  Taking just a 30 second break in between each grouping and a 1 minute break (if needed) between each repeat.  When doing the single leg exercises don’t hold onto a wall, instead rely on your core and glute strength to keep you balanced. Also looking at a single point will help you stay balanced and upright.


Tip: when doing the deadlifts challenge yourself a bit more by adding 8-10 lbs dumbbells.

Good luck! I hope you enjoy it.  Let me know what you think. 

Happy Tuesday everyone!! 


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