Weekend Round Up

Hello Monday! Does anyone else feel like this weekend was eaten up so quickly, it was like the blink of an eye! But here we are Monday again and back in our cubes for another week (hopefully not all of you work in cubes). Anyways…this weekend probably went by so quickly because it was a pretty great one.

My husband had his maniversary (basically just a boys weekend at a cottage) so some girlfriends and I had made plans and I had a couple of house projects I wanted to try and finish.

The one project at the top of my list was to finish making my home yoga space. Sometimes it can be challenging to find a class that fits into my schedule so I will do something at home. The only thing is when I have to move half a room around in order to feel comfortable to practice I find that I end up losing a lot of my motivation to actually get on my mat. So this weekend was perfect for me to finally make our spare room into a dual space and turn it into a little oasis at home. I am so excited with the way it turned out, and so shocked at how just a couple of little cheap things could change the space so drastically.

Seeing how this isn’t a design blog and I am in no way shape or form a decorating guru I am just going to do a quick before and after, mostly because I am so happy about how nicely it turned out.
Before SpareAfter Spare CollageI am so excited to practice, mediate, read, learn my banjo or just anything in this room. With the addition of 6 new plants and mellow colours and patterns it is just so serene, definitely a happy place.

Besides doing some stuff around the house, it was also Vélo Festival this weekend. Only little hiccup in that plan was the torrential downpour that occurred Saturday evening. After picking up our tags and bike lights, as well as ridiculous amounts of glow sticks to decorate our bikes the rain ended up being a huge deterrent. We ended up deciding to dry off and not to attempt the 20km bike ride in the rain at night.
Spare Room 004However as it turned out the rain ended up clearing up for the bike ride and I heard back that it was actually a pretty decent ride, besides dodging some puddles here and there. I guess we’ll just have to plan our own 20km night ride to make up for bailing on the ride.

Gingersneezes Eats Clean Update. I used a cheat. I went into the Gingersneezes Eats Clean challenge with the mind set that I would not be using a single cheat, I would get through the 50 days without any type of break. After much thought it occurred to me that I have a tendency to do things in an “all or nothing” approach to things. I mean for the most part this approach helps me out, gets me motivated and allows me to stay focused. But it can also make it more challenging for me to apply the healthy habits I am cultivating to real life once the challenge is over.

After some thought I decided it would actually be more challenging for me to use a cheat (I had some drinks with girlfriends) and then to go back to my healthy eating. This is challenging for me because on weekends when I do go out for some drinks with friends or with my husband I have a challenging time the next morning not wanting to go out and have poutine for breakfast or not stuffing my face with super high fat, high carb, high grease filled foods for the next 24 hours.

So I figured allowing a booze cheat would give me the opportunity to reinforce in my mind that just because I drank the night before does not mean that my eating goals go out the window for the next 24-48 hours. So Saturday evening I had some drinks with girlfriends and Sunday morning I could not have felt more wretched. I think the feeling awful actually motivated me to make sure my eating was super clean the next day, also I wasn’t craving things like poutine, chips, or a greasy breakfast so it was definitely encouraging.

All in all I had a pretty fabulous weekend, I am happy I gave myself the opportunity to find out I am stronger than a hangover when it comes to getting back on track and making healthy life choices again. And I am so excited to start spending more time in my yoga room. I hope you have all had wonderful weekends and to everyone doing the 50 day Challenge we are in our home stretch there are only 16 more days!

Happy Monday everyone!

How did you spend your weekend? How is your challenge going?


2 thoughts on “Weekend Round Up

  1. Oh I didn’t realize the yoga room was my room! Ha! It looks so good tho, the plants and the brightness, really nice work. Also, good for you for taking good care of yourself yesterday! It’s awesome to hear your honest growth in positive self-talk. Does that make sense?
    anyways, inspiring as always!

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