Body and Brain Break

Body Break…does anyone else remember them? Those commercials were the best, I learnt so many things like how to exercise on an airplane.

This week for me has been a break for my body and it has quickly turned into a brain break also, which to be quite honest has been AMAZING! I am just now starting to realize that for the past 7.5 months I have been pretty hard on this here body of mine. It has been a lot of fun but I had completely forgotten about giving it a break now and then. I mean yes I always gave it one day off a week, but other than that I was pretty much on the go regularly which meant little rest otherwise.

As I had promised myself some weeks ago, after my race I was going to be giving my body a much awaited and much needed week off so besides Monday night Run Club I have been off my feet. My week has been filled with gentle yoga, foam rolling, and thinking up new wonderful workout ideas (which my running partner Susan has been kind enough to help me test out – there are just a few more tweaks and then I will be sharing, I promise).

Although I normally struggle with taking a break and letting myself relax so far this week has been pretty glorious, and because of the yoga (even though it is more relaxing than challenging) I haven’t felt the urge to just go to the gym or set out for a run, which I think is contributing to my mind calming down.

I am so grateful that I decided to listen to my body, my trainer and my running partner and just allow myself this rest without feeling guilty about it, like I am cheating myself. My body definitely needed this rest.

How do you relax? what do you do to let your body rest after intense training?

Happy Thursday folks, the weekend is so close I can taste it.

Also today is the last day to enter the Gingersneezes giveaway, if you haven’t entered please make sure you do before midnight!


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