Weekend Round Up – Time to Play the Running Game!

This past weekend was AMAZING! I seriously don’t have enough glorious things to say about it. Despite the kind of not so great weather on Saturday the weekend was pretty perfect. Friday night my husband and I went on over to my mom and stepdad’s for a belated mother’s day supper and some family hangouts, and then Saturday was RACE DAY!! Can you tell I was/am excited?

Running Collage

After over two weeks of not being able to run and being sick all week, I was definitely ready to get moving and go on a run. Seeing how my ankle is still getting back to normal I made a deal to help pace my running buddy and to shout loving, encouraging things at her for the duration of the race and in exchange she would make sure I didn’t break myself all over again. The deal worked out swimmingly.

Saturday started with Susan (running buddy) and I heading over and picking up our race bibs and then checking out the fitness expo that was going on. Which we promptly left because it was so busy! There were some neat booths but just so many people it was awkward and claustrophobic trying to get close enough to see things. Even though it was super crowded we were both happy we took some time to check it out, as we definitely had some time to kill (our race wasn’t until 6:30pm).

Running 2 Collage

Once we had picked up our race kits we walked back home and did some prep for a post race BBQ, then it was time for some lunch and resting. When 6:30pm FINALLY came around it turned out we were right on time for the start of the race, as they had begun their countdown as we were approaching the starting line. Susan quickly re-laced her shoes and then we squeezed ourselves into the coral and began to walk with the crowd towards the start line. With 10,557 participants a race track can get a little crowded but that is part of the fun. Once we crossed the starting line we were focused, we had our plan and we were stoked.

Race CollageBefore we knew it we were passing a 5k marker which as it turned out was a fraud, we were really at about 3.5km, the 5k marker was likely for the 1/2 or full marathon, as utterly disappointing as it was to find out we hadn’t run 5k in just a little over 20 minutes we were still on target.

The runners and all of the wonderful supporters on the side lines made always make the Ottawa Race weekend such an amazing event to participate in. We finished our race in 65 minutes and decided that the 10k we have planned for August will be dominated! As a congrats for a job well done and because it was pretty windy and chilly out, we stopped and grabbed ourselves some tea on the way home. It was a perfect ending to the race.

Shortly after we arrived back at my place, some friends (whom had participated in the 5k earlier that day) joined us for a tasty (albeit late night) BBQ and we shared our stories of our recent victories.

Race StretchingSunday was much more laid back. After about 2 weeks of rehab and stretching only my legs were definitely feeling the race. So it was time for the farmer’s market and some gentle yoga to stretch things out and reward my limbs for doing so great. The rest of the day was a write off filled with movies, book reading, and more relaxation. It was a great way for me to start off my week of planned rest and recovery.

I hope some of you were able to participate in Race Weekend, if not the running at least in the cheering aspect of the weekend.

Happy Monday!

This week is the last week to enter the giveaway so don’t forget to tell your friends about it, and don’t forget to enter!


4 thoughts on “Weekend Round Up – Time to Play the Running Game!

  1. RUNNING!! This weekend was so amazing, gearing up for my first 10k, and getting into the racing spirit was so wonderful! I’m so happy we did this, and totally rocked it!
    Can’t wait for our next one!

  2. Congrats Brittany and Susan! I may be in shape enough to run a 10km in August…if I am, I would love to join you :). Good work!! Xo

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