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So folks it is finally here Gingersneezes’ very first giveaway!  I couldn’t be more excited especially because of who is donating the prize!  Seeing Gingersneezes is doing a 50 day Clean Eating challenge the prize is completely perfect!  The generous people over in Tosca Reno’s shop have donated an AMAZING gift filled with a bunch of clean eating essentials!

I figured now would be a great time for a giveaway to help pump up all of your motivation to stay on course.  I find that generally speaking heading into week three of something can be pretty challenging.  Week one you are all full of motivation and energy to succeed, week two you are starting to feel some positive effects of your lifestyle change, and then week three sinks in.

It is a point in a lifestyle change, a cleanse, or some type of challenge where your motivation may have dwindled a bit, you might be struggling with overcoming a barrier you haven’t ever had to face. You may be feeling like you have been so good so you deserve your sugary, processed food you normally have on Friday nights. Or that perhaps just a couple drinks won’t be so harmful to all the progress you have worked for.  I find it is at this point where you really need something to keep you going and keep you focused on what you goals are, why you started this challenge and why you wanted to commit to it 100%.

_DSC0141This giveaway is inspired by the Gingersneezes Eats Clean challenge but it is open to any of my readers and hopefully this will inspire you to try the challenge for yourself, we are 16 days in but it is never too late to start!

_DSC0141I have made you all wait long enough, what could you win? Well you could win an Eat-Clean Diet and Raw Elements Inc sponsored goody bag!  The goody bag includes Tosca Reno’s favorite Sunwarrior supplements, a special recipe from Tosca and two titles from Tosca Reno’s best selling Eat-Clean Diet series!


And now for the important part…How do you win?  It is simple, in the comments below answer the following questions….What is your favorite clean eating treat? or What processed food do you find yourself missing the most?

The winner will be selected at random on the 31st of May, the winner’s name will be posted on the site so that I can get in touch with them for shipping information.  Although the grand prize will be selected at random I may be giving away some extra little goodies for originality and enthusiasm. I can’t wait to see what you have to say!

Happy Thursday Everyone! I hope you are all gearing up for a nice May 2/4. 

*I have not tried any Sunwarrior products as previously mentioned in a post, so you will have to get back to me on what you think of it.


26 thoughts on “Clean Eating – Giveaways

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  2. My favourite clean eating treat is definitely my morning oatmeal: all-natural peanut butter and banana with rolled oats and cinnamon! Can’t go without it! I used to always have cereal in the mornings but I rarely crave it anymore since switching to oatmeal (which also keeps me full for longer)! Although I don’t crave it nearly as much, I do still want that bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats every now and then!

  3. Best Part of my day: my yogurt parfait! (yeah, I meant to rhyme!)
    Plain Greek yogurt / lots of blueberries / sprinkle some wheat germ and flax seeds on there / top er off with good ol’ Canadian Maple Syrup.

  4. My favourite clean eating treat is bananas with smooth almond butter. The processed food I find that I’m missing the most is ice cream.

  5. Pizza….I miss a good pizza! But I have a found a few fun ways to satisfy the cravings, and actually isn’t too bad.
    My favourite clean foods would definitely include some oats with some all natural peanut butter and sliced bananas, and eggs. Poached eggs with some avocado on a roasted portabello mushroom, yum!

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  7. My favorite clean snack is fruit (in all shapes and forms)! I always enjoyed fruit before, but I now try to ensure I include some protein. One delicious combo is apple quarters with natural peanut butter or almond butter – reminds me of being a kid!!

  8. My favorite clean eating treat would be organic fruits like grapes and strawberries. I miss processed foods like cookies and cheetos.

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  10. I love mango smoothies with vanilla yogurt!! I also love oatmeal….eating clean would mean giving up chocolate I imagine and if this is the case, I would find that the hardest

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  13. Brittany! What an amazing challenge! My fav “Clean Eating” treat is to take frozen bananas and raspberries and grind them up in a food processor until it’s smooth. It is THE most delicious thing ever 🙂

  14. The most difficult to give up non-clean food has to be pop, for me. It is so delicious even though water is so much a better choice and just as refreshing. So my clean treat is fresh squeezed juice because it can be a little costly and takes some time to make, which makes it feel like a treat to me.

    • Yeah pop can be pretty addictive, it is so full of sugar, chemicals, additives and preservatives, it is really so bad for your insides. It is also something your body can get kind of “hooked” on, so it might be tough to kick but do your best 🙂

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