Weekend Round-Up – Overeating Confessions

So this past weekend it was a pretty great one but I have some major confessions to make and some big apologies to make to my insides.

Firstly, this weekend was pretty great, I went shopping with my mom Friday and followed that up with a date night with my husband. Saturday was filled with movies and a Nightmare Kitchen marathon and Sunday was spent gardening and hanging out in the beautiful and sunny 22 degree weather. It was pretty much perfect.

Secondly, for whatever reason I felt the strong urge to completely ignore my regular diet and to eat crap all weekend. I decided that with the challenge coming up, and having been healthy for so long it wouldn’t so much matter if I went completely off the deep edge.  Oh my goodness was I wrong, and how I am paying for it now. Apparently your body gets used to eating fresh healthful foods and when exposed to the bagged and box food world of grease and empty calories it tends to revolt.  And revolting it is.candy-junk-food-story

I have once again learnt that as fun and tasty as dairy is my body truly hates it. I have learnt that no mater what the flavour of chip it is never worth it, and that there could never be any flavour of food that would make me want to feel the way I do right now ever again. Perhaps I am being dramatic, but I truly feel awful.

It feels as though in an effort to teach me a lesson and remind me why I had changed the way I ate in the first place my insides have decided to tie themselves into knots and with a knives embedded in the middle. So today I feel the consequences of dairy (nothing wrong with it unless you have an intolerance like I do), wheat, and other inflammatory food products. I am happy to learn this lesson and sad to know that I let myself get so out of hand that I am in physical pain. As awful as it is, it is also nice to see that the food changes I made throughout the past 6 months were actually beneficial and probably one of the main reasons why I had been feeling so great.

Luckily today is another day and I am given another chance to right myself and make all new decisions. This past weekend is also great motivation for me to stay on course for the 50 day challenge and a reminder that no matter how challenging it might feel in the moment making healthy choices are the way to go if you want to feel great and energized.

I figured I would share this hiccup with everyone,  I assume most of us can related. Sometimes no matter how dedicated to being healthy and fit sometimes we all fall off the edge and need a bit of time to pick ourselves back up.  Don’t get discouraged, just keep moving forward and remember your lessons learnt.

I hope you all had a great weekend and were hopefully more responsible with your food intake than I was.

Happy Monday and remember to love your insides as much as your outsides.


One thought on “Weekend Round-Up – Overeating Confessions

  1. Oh MY, do I ever know what you are talking about…why do we do this to ourselves? I think it’s probably like childbirth, where you body forgets the pain so that you can do it again if you get prego once more. lol
    “Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming…” – the prophet Dory

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