Fridge Spring Clean

In preparation for the 50 day challenge I decided to clean out my fridge a little early so that I could share the purge with all of you.  It turned out to a bit more work than I had initially envisioned but it was nice to go through and see what food I have been eating and to clean my fridge which to be honest (sorry mom) had gotten totally out of control. a little out of control Now generally I like to think I am a pretty healthy eater, I mostly make my own salad dressing, sauces, marinades etc.  but my my face was red once I started emptying out the fridge.  How many sauces do two people need of my goodness. condiments Collage After my initial shock wore off I got to work being ruthless, and started tossing things out. I did however have to keep in mind that I am not the only one in the house who will be eating for the next 50 days.  Although my husband will be supporting me and eating the same meals as me for the most part he won’t be participating 100% in the challenge. Keeping that in mind I allowed some foods to stay in the house for his use.

The next surprise was all of the hidden sugars, salts, processed and artificial junk in my supposedly healthy food. There were items I thought were going to be garbage for sure (tostitos salsa) that weren’t and then other’s I thought would be totally fine (Sriracha – sugar) that didn’t end up suitable for the challenge.

Then there were all the fake healthy products I had been suckered into buying. We all know the products that advertise as low sodium, low calorie, carb free, or whatever their health claim.  But once you flip them over you have the chance to see just how unnatural the ingredients are and how many stabilizers and colour enhancers were used to make them look and taste appetizing.   So be sure to read the ingredients and look at your labels when you go through the same clean-up before the challenge there are some items that might shock you (both good and bad).

Sneaky Collage So after about two hours of scrubbing and reading ingredients, the fridge and freezer were finally ready for the Eats Clean challenge.  Standing back looking at all my hard work (a fridge a mom could be proud of) I realized that I would need to do some groceries.

after Collage To show the difference here is a quick little before and after.  I hope your purge feels as freeing as mine did, I guess it is something about the spring and cleaning stuff out of the house makes me feel so good. before and after Collage

Take a before and after of your fridge and post it on instagram, twitter or facebook (#GingersneezesEatsClean), trust me the after photo will be 100% the before!

Happy Wednesday everyone! The weekend is in sight! 


7 thoughts on “Fridge Spring Clean

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    • I believe there is some out there without sugar and I mean it is up to you to decide what types of items you rely want to give up. However Franks Red Hot is just spices and vinegar no sugar so it would make a good alternative.

  2. I never really thought my fridge was that bad, but i recognise A LOT of the same products of what you HAD in my fridge!
    I’m doing my fridge cleanout this weekend in preparation for the Challenge!

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