50 Day Clean Eating Challenge


So I am a sucker for challenges and weird goal setting type deals. It makes me compete with myself to do something I know I should already be striving for by making it a challenge it just feels more exciting and fun to be doing it. Being motivated by competition is funny to me because back in the day I would have qualified myself as a non-competitive. It wasn’t until I really got back into running, and started lifting weights that I found out I was extremely competitive with myself.  I mean when it comes to a board game (if you could get me to play it) I don’t really care who wins, but if I tell myself I have to finish that 5k in 25 minutes you best believe I will be pushing myself to make sure it happens.

Anyways, back to The Challenge. It isn’t anything new, people are doing it every day on healthy eating blogs, instagram, and various other social media sites. I actually really enjoy following their journeys and I get a lot of meal ideas from them, clean eating is also something that try to do most of the time. I am normally pretty good with my eating but that doesn’t mean birthday cake and pizza don’t sneak into my diet every now and again, it’s all about moderation and balance.  The point of this challenge is to motivate me (and hopefully some of you) to refocus on my nutrition like I have with my fitness.
can't outrunWhen it comes to living a healthy life nutrition is the other side of the coin, it is actually probably more like 3/4 of the coin, but you get my drift.  Nutrition directly impacts your progress, energy levels, sleep patterns, mood and general body functioning. So it is only fair that I pay it as much attention as I have been to improving my fitness levels.
Protein CollageSo, what is The Challenge? The Challenge will be starting May 1st and ending June 19th. The point of the challenge is to eliminate refined over processed foods from our diets, and stick to fresh, organic, healthy grains, fruits and vegetables. I am also hoping that The Challenge will bring us all together in an effort to clean up our insides. Sometimes when taking on something like this it is really helpful to know that there are others facing the same dilemmas, obstacles and changes that you are and it is really helpful to have people to share recipes with.

I will create some specific guidelines or rules which I will post at the launch of the 50 Day Challenge so that we all have something to help guide us on the journey. Seeing how it is a community affair I will be encouraging posting photos of your snacks, meals, smoothies and recipes on Twitter and Facebook so that we can help each other succeed.

So as I hammer out the details of the Gingersneezes Eats Clean challenge or The Challenge I hope you are all getting excited to take this journey with me!


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